Wednesday, November 16, 2011

StyleArc - Debra Zebra tops

Like my new hat? Everything is more jaunty with a hat. :)
More Debra Zebra pics here.

More Style Arc goodness!

Many folks have made the funnel-necked tee from the Sept 2010 issue of Burda, most recently, Margy. This Style Arc funnel-neck tee is very similar and, bonus, and I didn't have to trace it! I've had this pattern for awhile and now that winter is coming, I'm ready for a funnel-necked top or three.

I made two tops in a few hours. With only 3 pattern pieces and 6 seams (total), you can whip these up very quickly.


  • Top #1: Black Annabelle knit (94% viscose, 6% spandex) from Vogue Fabrics.
  • Top #2: Red/Pink Wool Jersey (97% wool, 3% lycra) from Fashion Fabrics Club.

Alterations and Modifications:

  • I started with a size 18, which is usual. This has a fairly relaxed fit.
  • Removed the hip curvature from the side seams.
  • 2" FBA. I eased the fullness from the dart into the side seam. I didn't sew it as a dart or gather it. I steamed out the fullness that was created by the easing.
  • Removed 1" from the shoulder.
  • The upper arm seemed narrow so I widened it by 1". To be honest, I don't think this was necessary.
  • This makes a long top. I shortened it by 2-1/2".
  • I did hem the sleeves and the top, but I did not hem the neckline.


This is a great basic!!! I will be making more of these. Super quick, well fitting, and a great wardrobe staple.

More Pictures

This pic has been lightened.

Fashion Fabrics Club called this color red/pink but I would call it coral.

You can see my FBA. I always fit the side seams on my body - it always benefits from further tweaking.

Alteration to widen the sleeve.


  1. Oh, wow! Do I love that hat on you! Snazzy! (I think that word dates me...) I am also very much liking the top, which I am in the process of making. I love it when new TNT's develop. Isn't it fun to do an "Instant Gratification" item?

  2. That is one great top pattern and I can see you making many more of these beautiful tops! You could have one in every color!!!

  3. Oh I do SO love a good hat! You're rocking that whole look - love the jacket as well.

    I'm itching to sew up more of my Burda funnel neck t's; isn't it great to have a TNT T? Looks like Style Arc nailed their version!

  4. Love your new funnel neck tee, and the jacket and hat make a great statement. yep, classy!

  5. nice! I am loving the Style Arc patterns appearing around the blogosphere.
    Looks like a great TNT!

  6. Great tops, but really lovin' the hat! Karen

  7. That first picture of you is absolutely delightful, what a great look! All the parts together just work so well... Dare I say that you may have another TNT staple top? 'Tis a very different look than your beloved Teagarden T's but seems like it might be equally versatile.

  8. Quick and practical sewing - sounds good to me. I love your jacket.

  9. Gorgeous tees; I just love funnel-necks too!! I would be tempted to do as Carolyn suggested above, and make one in every colour; you couldn't go wrong with this one!!

  10. You KNOW I'm going to look at a post with my (almost) name in it (Debra v. Deborah). :-) Very nice!! I need one or two of those for my trip next week, but no pattern. Sniff.

  11. That hat rocks..and so do your 'em!

  12. Those are terrific Ts, and really, one cannot have too many of them. Cute hat. I love them.

  13. These tops are definitely a winter staple. Love the hat!

  14. looks great, you have convinced me due to your recent posts and I ordered a Style Arc pants pattern. Now I just have to get around to making them!

  15. Love your tops. I am going to have to trace the burda pattern. Wonder if wool jersey will be warm enough.

  16. This look finding out versitile patterns

  17. Everyone loves the jaunty hat! Very cute and great tops!

  18. Hi, Shams, pretty tops, and I appreciate your photos of the FBA and especially your idea of always determining the sides during construction.

    I've got to join Stitchers Guild! But until I do, re Carolyn's problem posting on your blog: When using Internet Explorer, I sometimes get the same message she got. Switch over to Google Chrome and no problem.

  19. Oh Shams, these tops are just darling and they fit you exquisitely. I appreciate seeing hour FBA and am so impressed with the success you've had with Style Arc patterns

  20. Shams , you look wonderful in all your new clothes, hat, jacket, and turtlenecks. Love, all the great looks.