Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dressform Ho!

For awhile I've been thinking it would be nice to have a dressform, but if you have a more mature figure, like I do, it can be very depressing to look at dressforms, like the Wolfs that were used back when I took construction and drafting classes. For example, most dress forms have a perky bustline. You can easily pad to create a bigger size, but it's almost impossible to lower a bustline. Not to mention the extreme cost involved for these forms ($700 - $1400).

I did some internet searching and discovered that there is an inexpensive form that works pretty well for folks like me, who have a lower bustline, the My Dritz Double Deluxe. It comes in small and medium sizes.

Debbie Cook did a very helpful review on Pattern Review. That review contains a link to her website where she shows how she padded it out.

I've ordered the medium from Amazon. I guess I have to donate one of my expensive bras for padding when it finally arrives. Sheesh, that's a hidden cost, cause those La Mystere bras aren't pocket change. :)

By the way, I wanted to thank Digs and Sherrill, who have both nominated me for blog awards. I don't really do the award thing, but I am very touched to be nominated. Thanks so much for the thought! :)


  1. I am so glad that you wrote this post. I need a dress form and everytime I go to finalize my payment...I stop. I went from wanting a Roxy display form to a uniquely you form...and then recently I have been thinking of the Dritz form! The only thing that has stopped me has been the review which says it is wobbly. I am sure it is an eay fix! I think, you helped me make a decision! thanks.

  2. Thanks, Cindy! You might want to read through the thread on PatternReview. I have read about 20 of the 32 pages and most people seem to either prefer the Dritz Deluxe or Fabulous Fit, which is about twice as much. Read through it here:

  3. This is too too coincidental! I just ordered Dritz Double Deluxe (off eBay) and will also have to give up a Le Mystere bra, but probably an old one that I don't wear anymore anyway. At least pricey Le Mystere doesn't rip like Pricey Spanx rip just as easy as plain ol' pantyhose. Sheesh. The final factor that tipped in favor of the Double Deluxe is that the small encompasses all the sizes I've been, hope to be again, and the size I am now. For many other dress forms, the bust starts too large and the hips would need a lot of padding, because so many dress forms aren't shaped hourlass enough for me. Excited to see it on the porch soon ...