Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sewing Workshop - Trio Pant

I finally made the Sewing Workshop Trio pants and I love them!

Janis, on Stitcher's Guild, has sewn some beautiful pants from this pattern, so I was eager to try them. I traced off a size small, though, according to the Sewing Workshop measurement chart, my hips are between a medium and a large, and my waist is off the chart (larger than a XXL). I can often get away with a smaller pant size since my hips are small and I increase the waist, as necessary. I didn't have to fiddle with these pants.

My first pair, using a black ponte knit, fit well, but were a bit short. I am 5'5" and almost always have to shorten things, so these must run short. I left the pocket off this first pair.

My second pair are from a brown stretch woven. This time, I included the pocket. I finished the pocket with buttons from my grandmother's button basket.

I had to lighten this photo a bit to show the pants better. I am wearing these with my new t-shirt with the Marcy Tilton neckline.

Worn with my Sewing Workshop Now shirt.

Pocket detail.


  1. My goodness, you've been busy! Love the pants. You wear artsy type clothes so well.

  2. I really like the pants. I agree with the previous comment, you put together a very nice outfit.

  3. You lie - you don't work, you just sew! I've got this pattern and really like the pants. I was wondering if they 'drooped' on the sides without the pockets and it looks like they do - do they?
    Yours look fantastic!


  4. I love your wardrobe! PM me, if you would, I would love to talk 1-on-1!