Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DVD series - The House of Eliott

I am sitting here, in a noisy Starbucks, while my van is nearby being serviced for a recall which is required before I can renew my vehicle registration for this year. I am trying to work, which isn't easy in this highly distracting environment, so I thought I would post a quick entry on my most recent obsession.

I love BBC programs and have watched them for years. But, somehow, I completely missed this one. The copyright date is 1991, and I had my first child in 1992, so I guess when it arrived in the U.S., I was preoccupied with nesting and/or breastfeeding. Luckily, a friend mentioned it at our recent sewing retreat. Still, I didn't act on it immediately. When I eventually looked it up on Amazon, I discovered the series is pretty expensive, so I joined Netflix just to see it.

The House of Eliott.


I have now watched the first 9 episodes and it is fabulous. How does this relate to sewing? Well, it begins in London in 1920, where you meet two sisters who were raised by a deceitful, tyrannical, despot of a father, who is also a successful doctor. You never see him, but he is very Scrooge-like, and does his best to ruin the happiness and prospects of his daughters. He dies, leaving them virtually penniless, with a male cousin in charge of their finances and as guardian for the youngest, who is 19. The eldest is quite a bit older and could have been the guardian/executor, but the doctor clearly thinks little of females. This cousin, a solicitor, is one of those arrogant, self righteous sorts who thinks he knows best, so he hides facts, and money, from the two sisters.

The only real skill these girls have (because their father would not give them a proper education) is sewing. The youngest, in particular, has a gift of design. Eventually, these two open a fashion house and there are many scenes which revolve around the world of society and the garments they create.

I am only 9 episodes into the first season, but I am loving it. Each time I pop the DVD into the mail, I wait with bated breath for the next one. Luckily, because Netflix is *so* fast with the shipping, I usually get it in a couple of days.

I highly recommend it.

OK, now back to work. :)


  1. I have watched this series as well and loved them. Don't you just love those styles from the 20's?

  2. Yes, I truly covet the dressing gown over the Chinese-style pjs worn by the elder sister. :)

  3. I LOVED the series and was very disappointed when it quit filming!

  4. I loved this series, too. It was amazing how much confidence the two women had after being raised by the despotic father
    Carol in Denver

  5. Thanks for visiting my site -- I am glad I found yours as well! I always notice who is sewing Sewing Workshop on PR so I had seen we have similar taste.

  6. You are so bad! You caused me to sign up for Netflix, so I too, can watch HOE! I watched it years ago on Saturday mornings. I'm anxious to see it again.

  7. LOLOL, Gwen. You WON'T be sorry. I am expecting disk #4 today. Do I attend my daughter's high school Founders Night tonight, or do I start watching?.....

    Yiya, Fran! Yes, we definitely like some of the same stuff!! I was so glad you started a blog!

  8. If I remember right this series was our excuse for buying a video recorder when our eldest was born. No DVD's at the time and I didn't want to miss an episode. Have fun with the remaining series.

  9. I just returned the first DVD from Season 2. It was damaged and my DVD player skipped quite a few bits from the first episode and some bits from the second. I reported the problem to NetFlix, but I wonder how many copies of this series they have. Hopefully, those of you renting this series downstream from me (such as Gwen) will receive a better copy!

    I can't wait for the next disk. :)