Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Jacket for YOU!

I really need jackets. And coats too. Really really. I have been admiring this Marcy Tilton jacket pattern, then admiration turned to covet when I saw Dorothy's, Dolcevita's, and sew2little's versions on PatternReview. I was concerned about the horizontal seam that runs just under the bustline, but, hey, I was able to modify the Heart's A'Flutter top to fit me, wasn't I?

After studying the pattern and looking at the finished measurements, I decided cut out the pattern tissue in a size 22. This pattern appears to be a bit more close-fitting than other Marcy Tilton tops, because I would usually use a smaller size. I pinned the tissue together for an initial trial, before adding the bust dart.

Yowza. My bust point was far lower than the pattern. In fact, I would have to lower the horizontal seam across the front by SIX inches and the back would require further alterations. Maybe it would be easier to get a bust reduction. ;)

Oh well. I don't really want to spend the whole weekend adjusting the pattern, though I think this design could be very flattering if I could get the fit right. Meanwhile, I'll admire it on the Dorothy's of the world and I'll have to find another use for my stretch denim and Riri zipper.

By the way, I've met Dorothy and she's even more gorgeous in person! :)

On another note: I have had a couple reports that folks are having trouble leaving comments on my blog. I have it set to accept comments from anyone, even anonymously, so I am confused. Is this happening to others? If you aren't able to leave a comment, please let me know via email. Not sure what I can do, other than complain to the overlords, but I would like to know.


  1. Shams, this is a test comment to see if it works. I love that pattern too and am in desperate need of jackets. Will go to PR and read the reviews. I did see the jpgs. I loved them all but one especially.

  2. My favorite version of that jacket is this one in the "Marcy's Closet" section of the Marcy Tilton website:

    So pretty!

    Carol in Denver

  3. Thanks, Stash! Yes, Carol, I love that sweater knit version! Marcy needs to bring out a version of this jacket for the "rest" of us. ;)

  4. I find every now and then I hit a blog or two that I just can't post on. Then a few days later I am back in business. I would write it off to Google blogger. That's a great jacket design.

  5. Shams,

    I'm checking out the post response for I have been unable to leave a post previously. I , too, loved Dorothy's jacket/zipper and have the same fabric she used. I did feel that perhaps all that collar fabric was too much for my hot TN summers, so I decided on the Marcy Tilton jacket that Janis just completed--the one with the diagonal front closing/3 buttons. Hopefully, it will be a winner. I do love this pattern and it probably would not have worked for my very tall, busty shape.

    Keep the info coming; I adore seeing/reading all your tips and projects.

    Karen aka Karendee

  6. Hi Shams! And thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to have discovered your blog today too.

    I'm not sewing much these days, due to a seemingly chronic lack of free time. But I keep trying to work it back into my schedule. Sewing is something I've always enjoyed, so there's no doubt I'll get back to it eventually.

    I am a fan of Marcy Tilton (I think I have that jacket pattern!) and I like a lot of Sandra Betzina's patterns too. (I love your version of the sweater jacket.) I also like Miyake and Sewing Workshop, but I think I'm too short (and not daring enough) to wear most of their designs. Truthfully, most of what I make are everyday basic pieces like t-shirts and pants.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your inspiring creations and I hope to get busy creating things soon as well!