Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun with Eye Color

The same photo, with different cropping. I see DD2!

This is a fun exercise! I got the idea from Janis, who uploaded a close-up of her eye to, in order to break down the dominant colors in her eye. The theory being, of course, that our eye color is a flattering color for us to wear.

I asked DD2 to take an up-close photo of my eye. I cropped the same photo twice, one with more skin showing than the other. I ran both versions through and also through

I think I need to buy more green fabric! ;), maximum crop, maximum crop, less cropped, less cropped

Wanna know something weird? I am the only green-eyed person in my family, including all extended family members living when I was a child. Everyone has blue eyes, except me. My sister used to tell me it was proof that I wasn't a legitimate member of the family. ;) Even both of my kids have blue eyes!

I haven't done any sewing since returning from San Diego. It's been all work during the day, and vegging out at night with the Kindle that DD1 gave me for a belated birthday gift.

Shams needs to get back to sewing. ;)


  1. Isn't that cool, shams? I think it's pretty amazing how accurate this turns out. It's probably better if you have a high pixel camera, but some people were using cell phones and it worked okay. Boy, do you have green eyes! Nice!

  2. See, they didn't forget your birthday! Just a wee bit belated - but nice gift!

  3. My sister has green eyes. And one of her daughters has them too. They both started with blue eyes but changed as they got older. Mine are blue but look green from a distance due to yellow centres. It looks fun to do the test. I believe green eyes are blue that change for some reason.

  4. I think this would only be useful if you have blue or green eyes. I have plain ol' brown eyes, and I do not look good in brown.

    (I enjoy reading your blog, btw, though I've never commented before.)

  5. I have green eyes but both my parents have blue eyes. However if I look at mine super close up they are actually blue/grey with golden yellow blobs. Dad has blue grey eyes, mum has blue eyes with some yellow, I just have a lot more of it. Another variation of this is to pinch your finger tip and look at the shade of red/pink that you get. These seem to work best for people with light/medium skin and coloured eyes (blue/green esp).

  6. I did my eye palette - check it out here:
    Love your sewing projects!

  7. I have hazel eyes, here's mine! :) :