Friday, January 14, 2011

New Spring Vogues

I guess I am a bit of a hypocrite. I get excited when I know a new batch of Vogues are coming. I am anxious to receive my magazine (this time mine came more than a week after other folks on Stitcher's Guild reported receiving theirs!), and I am even more eager to see them posted on Vogue's website. Usually the website is updated long before I see a magazine, but this time the website was very poky indeed, but they are finally up.

I mean, I have my hands more than full with projects, so I really don't need more patterns, but then the new patterns come out and, inevitably, there are some that I am excited to make up, making my project queue even longer. It can be overwhelming.

It's a pickle, I tell you.

So, here we go. First up, a pattern I.MUST.MAKE. This dress is stunning.

Vogue 8705

Now, of course, I could not wear this dress. No way. But I happen to have lovely daughters who could. Luckily, my eldest would be happy to have this.

OK, now on to clothes I could, and would, wear.

My favorite thing is when Marcy comes out with new pants patterns. Here's her latest offering.

Vogue 8712

Cute, huh? And notice that both views of these pants have pockets?!?!? Thanks, Marcy, and Vogue! I especially love the round pockets on View A.

This top from Katherine Tilton is gorgeous!

Vogue 8710

This top is right up my alley. I especially love the stylized princess seams on View B!

Marcy also has a very interesting new blouse. These tops with volume at the hips aren't always the most flattering on me, but they can work if they are more fitted through the bust and not too long.

Vogue 8709

It has very interesting collar and pocket detailing and it's hard to make out exactly what might be going on. I look forward to seeing this made up!

Look at this cute, easy to wear vest. I could imagine this in many different, interesting fabrications. It has an "Eileen Fisher" vibe to me.

Vogue 8713

This next jacket has some very nice details, such as the ruched sleeves, neckline shape, and the peplum. Do I need it? Probably not. Will I make it? Probably not. But if I have an excuse to make it, such as a wedding, I just might. :)

Vogue 8718

I like the little evening jackets shown in Views B and D. I would only make one of these if I or my daughters had a relevant event, but it's a nice little pattern to have when you need it.

Vogue 8721

Finally, I like this little top with the peplum. I'd have to alter it substantially to fit me, but it might be worth the effort.

Vogue 8714

That's all I would highlight from this offering. The spring Vogues also include many cute, fitted dresses and one nice draped, pencil skirt. These patterns are listed on other blogs, but they don't really fit my body or lifestyle.

But I really do want to make 8705 for my daughter - with her dancer's body, she would really look great in that. :)


  1. Shams - I like the vest and the jacket with the great sleeves. There is also a dress pattern that I want. 3 patterns isn't a lot but it's more than I've wanted in some time!

  2. At the risk of enabling, I think the little jacket D in Vogue 8721 would be great for knocking around in if made in a more casual fabric. The shrug is interesting too. Arrgh just talked myself into another pattern!

    I had not noticed the Katherine Tilton top--very cute. I'm going to pass on the Marcy Tilton pants, though. They remind me too much of some of her others that I already have.

    I always love seeing how different people view the new offerings--it's fun!

  3. These Vogue patterns are so popular! I'm catching up on my blogs today and have seen so many posts on the upcoming Vogue patterns! All are very cool, but that dress for your daughter is particularly amazing. She will love it!

  4. How funny! I just did my own take on the Vogue 2011 Spring collection -- and not one of the patterns was the same as yours. I love hearing your take! I agree with you about several -- and I have a daughter on whom 8705 would also look fabulous. Thanks for the commentary!
    p.s. My own commentary is over at

  5. I liked a lot more of these new Vogues than I thought I would! VERY interested to see what you do with the two Tilton tops -- I'm too annoyed by Tilton-fit to mess with them myself, but if they can look good, you're the woman to make it happen!

  6. I hear you, Noile, though the Tilton patterns seem to be coming closer to the body just as other patterns are coming closer to the body. Though on the Katherine top, I can see I will have to take in at the hips, which will impact that lovely shaped side inset, unless I move it around.

  7. I found a lot of Vogue's I like this time and I'll be posting my list later this week. I like the Katherine Tilton but will have trouble fitting it a bit 'cause it already looks way to big in the hips for me. I'll eagerly watch to see what you do.

    And I love that first dress, but unlike you have no lovely daughter to sew it for. Boo Hoo.