Monday, January 31, 2011

What the Heck, UPS?

Here are the facts:

On Sunday, January 16th, I ordered a Janome Felting machine from

On Wednesday, January 19th, I received a shipping confirmation, with a tracking number for UPS.

I hoped it would arrive in 5 days or so. It was coming from Ohio to San Francisco, and this seemed reasonable.

Time dragged on and it didn't arrive. I chalked it up to the nasty weather that has been pummeling much of the country.

Finally, on Tuesday, January 25th, I dug up the tracking information and looked it up. It said that the package had arrived in San Pablo, California, the previous day, on Monday the 24th. That is a mere 30 minutes from my home, so I assumed it would arrive any minute and I started stalking my front door.

When I checked tracking the next day (or maybe it was later the same day) the only change to the status was that it had said I would receive the package on February 2nd.


How come it would take NINE days to travel 30 minutes to my house? There was no clue on the status page.

On Saturday, I checked the status page again, and saw that my package had left Hodgkins, Illinois on Friday.

Come again?

There was no departure scan from San Pablo, which suggested to me that it was scanned on arrival and then stuck on the wrong truck, or not unloaded from the truck, or something similar. But at least I now understand why they put an arrival date of February 2nd.

What the heck, UPS?

Perhaps they are not aware that I have a half finished jacket that is languishing until I have the machine in my hot little hands.

Meanwhile, I've made a top this weekend. I can't take photos until tomorrow, but I'll go write the post up now. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, that does sound bizarre, and frustrating! How strange! I guess a positive is that your machine will have a great adventure, and you will have a laugh about this.... once you are united, of course!

  2. Why don't you ring them and see if you can collect it? I experienced major issues with UPS this Christmas (Mum's Xmas present ending up at Newcastle Hospital A&E dept - thankfully a nice hospital clerk rang me and re-organised delivery) But UPS sorted it out quickly and managed to get it there next day despite the dreadful weather we experienced.
    Once you have your machine I am sure you will love it - I'm just beginning a new relationship with mine!

  3. That's really weird! Maybe it got damaged and they are returning it to the sender.

  4. Please do not get me started on UPS and USPS with deliveries due to the weather. I'm still trying to get a new bankcard that can't make it's way from Texas to NY because of weather delays!!! This is seriously cramping my fabric buying!

  5. Time to call UPS! Looks like a possible mis-delivery but they should be able to provide more details.

  6. I see that the package is now back in San Pablo, but still slated to be delivered on 2/2. I just phoned them, Nancy, and all it did was to increase my blood pressure. They admitted that they screwed up and that it should have arrived long ago, but they couldn't tell me what happened or why. They told me that they can't get it to me any sooner than Feb 2nd.

    Customer service is clearly not a concern for UPS, or I wouldn't be so annoyed right now.