Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Sewcation

Thanks to Carolyn for the "Sewcation" term. :) For me, this is a 3-day weekend with no obligations or diversions.

And the mojo fairy made a little visit.

It's been like a one-person retreat!

I haven't wanted to stop sewing this weekend to blog or take pictures, but I am taking a quick break this Sunday evening for a little update. Since Friday evening I have made:

  • A pair of pj bottoms.
  • A silk organza OOP Burda top.
  • A pair of Style Arc Linda pants.
  • A pair of Linen Tilton pants (Vogue 8499).
  • A Teagarden Tea from an Emma One Sock rayon/lycra knit.
  • Another pair of Loes Hinse Cruise pants - these were a wadder!

I think the wadder told me it was time to take a break. :) It earned the status of "wadder" because of the horrible fabric, not because of the pattern. When I bought the fabric, I was so entranced by its pattern and texture, that I neglected to notice the awful quality. It is that horrible cheap-o polyester that would be good for making pot scrubbers. I think I have enough fabric to make 500 pot scrubbers. At least I didn't waste my time making the circle pocket I had originally intended and only spent 30 minutes on the entire project.

I contacted Martha, the winner of the Marcy Tilton purse pattern giveaway and she is happy to have the pattern. I have prepared it for mailing, but not yet gotten to the post office. I hope to get it out next week, Martha!

One thing I wanted to mention in the bag post and then completely forgot is a wonderful book that I consulted when working on the project. The Bag Making Bible is a great resource. I read through various sections before starting the purse. I didn't use any of the techniques for this project, but there were good techniques, well documented. I look forward to using the book in future projects.

What Next?

I need to decide what to work on next. How to use the Monday holiday, my last free day? I have some fabrics I really want to sew up, but can't quite seem to settle on a pattern. (Don't you hate that?) I've been enjoying quick projects, using mostly tried and true, or simple, patterns, so maybe I should start a larger project, or tackle one of my UFOs. (I don't have too many, but there are a few.) But it has been so nice to work through some stash.

Well, for the remainder of my evening, I think I'll work on the other pair of pj bottoms that are cut out.

Happy 4th!! (If you celebrate, or Happy Monday, if not.)


  1. Ummm.....can I offer you some chamomile tea?

    WTG! I WAS feeling rather productive, actually, until I read your post.

    Now I think I'll go to bed..... ;^D

  2. Wow! Soooo productive! I can't wait to see your new creations!
    I know what you mean about fabric; sometimes the colour and weight seems just right for a garment you want in your wardrobe, and you take it home in high glee anticipating how it will become a wardrobe staple. Then you start to sew it up and the hideousness THEN becomes apparent. Can be such a let-down.... but at least you can stock up on potholders. Christmas-stocking-fillers for friends, maybe?

  3. No rush, shams! It's 'summer in the country' and there isn't much time to sew. My son is heading east from SF in a week, if that's any easier. For me, it means putting my sewing room back into service as a guest room. Would love to see your organza top!

  4. You have been way, way, busy sewing! Good for you!

  5. Glad to see your sewing mojo is also flowing! You've been so productive! Thanks for the heads-up on zipperstop. I just ordered from them. I can't wait to see pix of all these projects.

  6. You have managed to sew way more than I have during these three days off! *LOL* I think I'm going to end up with 4 finished projects - well if I ever get off the computer that is!

    Photos, please!!!

    Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

  7. I checked out the Bag making Bible from the library a few weeks ago (I'm cheap). Lots of creative ideas - nothing on the construction I could not have figured out on my own, I think, but loved looking at the photos.

    Be sure to watch a few fireworks, at least on TeeVee! Happy 4th.

  8. I am feeling just the tiniest bit sorry for your sewing machine running hot all weekend. What production!