Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vogue 8499 - Brussels Washer Linen Pants

A few months ago I bought three coordinating pieces of Brussels Washer Linen from Dana Marie Design. Brussels washer linen, made by Kaufman, is a 55% linen, 45% rayon blend. I had heard good reports of this fabric, which wrinkles less than a 100% linen. I decided to use the natural-colored piece for a pair of pants that I had made before: Vogue 8499, one of Marcy Tilton's pants.

I've been wearing the first pair a lot lately, and the pattern screams summer to me. That first pair, made with a floaty, drapey Taslan fabric, was great in this design. If you recall, the pattern is quite oversized and I went down many sizes, making a size 6 - it was perfect in the Taslan.

The first pair I made in March, 2010

This pattern is not perfect in the linen/rayon blend, at least not in the size 6. It's too stiff, which I should have realized up front. As a result of the stiff fabric, these pants are less flattering. The pattern is great, but it needs a fabric with more flow and drape, or I need to remove more fullness.

I will still wear these, but any ideas of what to do with the other two pieces of Brussels Washer linen? :) I do like its softer wrinkles, it's just beefier than I expected.

Alterations and Modifications

The only change I made to this pair was to lengthen them about 3/4" - the last pair seemed a tad short. If I were to make these again out of a similar fabric, I would remove additional fullness through the back hip.

This is the third garment (out of seven) that I made this last weekend. Stay tuned for more reviews. :)

Detail of topstitched knee darts and front seam


  1. That looks like wonderful fabric. I'll need to make a note to try some with perhaps a Marcy Tilton pattern.

  2. I really like the looks of these pants in the Brussels washer. Maybe they don't feel as good as they look?

  3. Gosh, before I read your post, I was thinking that whole outfit looked GREAT on you!

    Now that I've read the post, I'm still thinking that whole outfit looks great on you!

    How does the fabric feel? Linen is...well....linen-y. I have serveral pieces of linen, including some linen/rayon blends, & a couple of pants patterns I want to try out. Darn....I need no life at all so that I can sew more!

  4. This is my favorite pants pattern. I was wearing them the other day when we met, in a light weight denim. It probably has a similar body to your washer linen. I took them in a lot. I have also made them in a regular linen and love them too although they are super wrinkled all the time. That is quite a light weight linen so I didn't take them in as much and they are fine. I love the pockets. These make great travel pants because you can put your ids, boarding pass, and paper back book in the pocket at the last minute before boarding. I think they look terrific on you.

  5. Don't dismiss these just yet! I made a pair last month in a denimy fabric that I immediately decided was too heavy. But, I wear them a lot!!! Different from my drapey pair but I like them. This is such a great pattern.

    Love your outfit!

  6. These look great, the whole ensemble looks great! I need to give this pattern a try.

  7. I think the outfit is wonderful! You look fabulous IMO. I've use the Brussels for Marrakesh pants (Hot Patterns) and like the very much.

  8. Sorry the fabric didn't work out and I would save the linen for some future jackets. But I'm really loving the tops you wore in these pics! Absolutely positively freaking beautiful - are the tops! You have a great collection of tops,girl!