Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vogue 8397 view A - Midnight Blue Pant Funkiness

Now WHY didn't I make another pair of these pants before this??? This is possibly my favorite Marcy Tilton pants pattern. And that is saying something, because I really love my Marcy Tilton pants patterns!

I made this pattern more than a year ago in black ponte and they have been worn and worn and worn.

First pair in black ponte

I keep saying, "I need to make these again," but I haven't. So I am grateful to the 6-pack for making me follow through. I love the 6-pack already, as it encourages me to use patterns that have been successful but maybe haven't percolated to the top of the todo list.

I have been rather disillusioned with much of the ponte I have used in the last year or so. Some of it has held up ok, but some of it has pilled quite badly and some has even run at the seamlines. I am wondering if pontes with a higher percentage of polyester might be the problem. A friend found this fabric on Emma One Sock. This "midnight doubleknit" has a fiber content of 38%rayon, 35%poly, 23%nylon, 4%spandex. I decided to try it.

Emma One Sock's Midnight Doubleknit. It might look like black in my pics, but it really is a pretty shade of navy.

This fabric is 54" wide, nice and beefy, and SO soft. It sewed beautifully, though it's best to press from the wrong side because even on a cool-ish heat, it can get shiny. (Or use a press cloth.)

This pattern, by the way, is now out of print, but still available on the Vogue site for top dollar (unless they are having one of their clearance sales). You can probably also find it on ebay.

I am loving these pants already. They are garment #2 for my 6-pack. I really hope they hold up over time.

Now, I know folks will ask, where did you get that jacket?" This Nuno-felted jacket is from an Etsy vendor, FeltFieltroFilc. It was a custom order and I don't see it listed at the moment, but she has some nice stuff! I had planned to wear this jacket as part of Me-Made-June, because it's one of those purchased items that I haven't worn much, but I petered out on the MMJ challenge I had given myself of incorporating purchased items in my wardrobe and wore my standard me-made-my that I always wear. (And, by the way, I am not participating in Self Stitched September.)

As to this weekend's productivity: Other than these pants, I also cut out another pair of pants and I have a top almost finished. Both are for the Autumn 6-pack, so I am making good progress! I keep finding more fabrics in my stash that would work with this 6-pack, so I could easily turn this into a 30-pack. ;)


  1. Marvellous pants, and they do look smashing on you!

    Thanks for the discussion of ponte; I've been disappointed in some that I've bought, too, so I'm taking your theory to heart and will watch the fiber content next time I buy. It *can* be great stuff, but my own favorite pants are pilling like crazy, and that's just . . . wrong.

  2. They are terrific trousers on you, make more! This is a terrible post for someone of my figure. If I didn't know better I would be making some of these cool trousers, thinking they would look just as fabulous on me. Sigh.
    I love your jacket too.

  3. These trousers are gorgeous, and are very flattering! Nice to have them in the navy too, I'm sure you'll love mixing them up as much as the black pair...

    as to your comment, thankyou for the compliment, but I think your expertise far outweighs my own! And without seeing your trousers I can't say what is causing the hem to curl up. Is the hem quite deep, or a narrow hem? Intuitively I would say a narrow hem might be a reason for curling out... Also, if the pants are slightly flared and the hem allowance isn't shaped like the curve of the pants side seams, but has the excess fabric eased into a smaller sewing line this might just cause the hem to curl up. I shape the hem allowance of my pants, to mirror the side seam curve of the pants above the foldline...
    Another possible reason I can think of is that if the fabric was stretched at all when sewing the hem, which causes that "lettuce-leaf" effect and could result in curling of the hemline...
    I hope that this explanation makes sense, and that it helps!
    (my word verification is "baste"... lol!)

  4. Great jacket! And yes those pants work great for you. I completely concur with the 6PAC becoming a 30 PAC, mine is already planned out as a 12 PAC.

  5. Fantastic pants - I have that pattern - now it may percolate to the top of my Mt Everest!!

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog Shams. You make up patterns that I wouldn't give a second glance in the catalogues. It's refreshing to see your garments, ready your alterations and view the results. I MAY just purchase this trouser pattern having seen your results!
    I love the blue jacket too!

  7. Your pants are so cute, Shams, and so cute on you as well. I love the pants-on-the-front-door photo.:)

  8. I think that really is THE perfect pants pattern for you! I really thought that jacket was a shams creation too, except offense to the seller at all, because I do think it looks fabulous, but it doesn't look quite as 'refined' in fit & finishing as I expect from you.

    And btw. where in the heck do you find the time to do everything you do, and do it so well?????

  9. Well, I simply agree with all the others - great pants, perfect for you. I always love seeing these funky pants on you. And thanks for your thoughts on ponte. Very similar to my experience. I think you're right about fabric content. Less poly, more rayon is probably important. But I haven't found a ponte that doesn't eventually pill.

  10. Love your funky pants. I don't know you, but your wardrobe makes me feel like I do. It's so expressive. I'm guessing you're artistic, easy-going, and love to have fun!
    I hope the pilling issue doesn't happen with these pants. Pilling is my current pet peeve. I'm on a mission to figure out - before I buy it - if a fabric is going to pill. I'm doing lots of research, will post it on my blog when I have some results.

  11. Love the pants, Shams. Wish I had the Vogue pattern to try it out. About the ponte-- I made two Trio pants from Jo-Ann's ponte early this summer. I have worn them at least once a week for the past three months. They began to pill a few weeks ago, so I used a brand new twin blade razor and shaved off the pills.

    I also made two pairs of Trio pants from heavy knits labelled as double knit from Fabric Mart and Neither one of them has pilled yet.

  12. Me again - I got this pattern out today, and I note that the pants you made require 2 way stretch - do you really think that's necessary? Just looking at them - elastic waist and plenty of room...??

  13. I love this pattern too... and have made them in ponte that pilled! So disappointing!! I just made two pair of Christine Jonson Travel Trio One Center Seam Pants in the EOS doubleknit I had stashed. Yes, it is dreamy, and very cozy. I'm hoping it won't pill!