Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color me Tickled - StyleArc's Shaza Pant!

Wow, I have never had a pattern named after me before! I'm pretty stoked!

Have you seen Style Arc's new Shaza pant yet? If you have followed my blog for long, you know I love me a good harem pant. In fact, the Alexi pant was one of the first Style Arc patterns I made:

And, if you are wondering just where the name Shaza originally came from, it's my Klingon name and I have been using it on the internet for over twenty years.

And how does one learn their Klingon name, you ask? Well, you take the first 3 letters of your first name + the first two letters of your last name. So, if your name were Shams Zackary (mine isn't, but if it were) your Klingon name would be Shaza.

So my geekery is now fully exposed to the world.

Shaza is my married Klingon name. My unmarried Klingon name would have been Shabi which, you have to admit, isn't nearly as cool. My Klingon self would never answer to that.

Here are the Klingon names of a few of my sewing friends. You will know who you are: Suskr, Heani, Sarbu, Carno, Ronch, Pegst, Marho, Marmc. (Who doesn't love Ronch!!)

This algoritm works better for some names than for others, but I say you can craft your Klingon name however you want, because no one is going to gainsay a Klingon, not unless they are a total petaQ.

Artistry in Fashion 2011

Yesterday was Artistry in Fashion and I was there for the entire day. It was that much fun. The weather gods smiled and granted us gorgeous weather.

I met several internet friends in the flesh, such as Margy (Margyh on SG) and Leslie (Lessalt on SG), which was great! I hung around with lots of fun people, which was super great. I bought a few things, which are great. I heard a lecture and saw two styling shows, which were great. I had butterscotch pudding with toffee bits and whipped cream, which was pretty orgasmic.

I did not take my camera though many pics of me were taken. One picture has already been sent to me, so here is me and Margy. I met her in the flesh yesterday and we both bought the same sweater! (And isn't she gorgeous? She just started the greatest blog, A Fool 4 Fabric.)

Not my best photographic moment, but Margy looks great! We are modeling our new sweaters. Thanks to Sarbu for this picture!

When I have more pics, I will do a full post.

Today will be a day of sewing! Artistry in Fashion never fails to inspire the mojo!! By the way, I don't have the Shaza pant yet, but you know I will get that puppy in my October order and sew it up!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. 'Rutcr' here (doesn't work so well for me tbh). The harem pants are just great on you... but somehow I fear that since my hip/upper thigh is my widest bit it'd be a mistake for me.

  2. When I saw the new Style Arc pant, I IMMEDIATELY thought of you!

  3. That pattern was Made For You! Looks great :)

  4. Well, I'm going to try them - in your honor and because I could use some hips. ;-)
    Yours in Klingondom, Marmc

  5. I am totally humbled that the pattern is named after you in Klingon! (I confess to a huge and undying crush on your compatriot Worf). The harem pants are you! And I am envious (in a respect-the-Klingon way) that you went to Artistry in Fashion! One year soon I will beam myself to it! Best from Luzra!!

  6. The Shaza pant is definitely you, Shams! I wouldn't go near it for the same reasons as Ruthie, but you will be fabulous in them!

    I think "Elivi" is a little precious for a Klingon female, and "Betvi" isn't much better. I share Luz Clara's crush on Worf, too.

  7. Hey I recognize that fabric in the pants pictured...and it's totally kewl that you have a pants pattern named after you!

  8. You're famous - super neato!!

    Um, my Klingon name is Shamu. I am not impressed (anyone else remember the whale named Shamu? Not really a namesake I strive for.) to say the least!

  9. Jillbr? Nah....I think I'll avoid that one lol! I, of course, HAD to order the Jilly Jeans from Style Arc....the Shaza pants were SO made for you; I hope the Jilly Jeans work well for me!

    The day at AIF was SO perfect - big big BIG thanks to you for being so enthusiastic about the event, and it was great to spend some quality time with you & Margy :) :) :)

  10. You should have pants named after you by StyleArc. You have been a big promoter for them. These are appropriately funky. So sad to have to miss AIF yesterday. Hopefully I can attend next year.
    Annsm (doesn't work well for me) Ansmi would be better but still not poetic like Shaza.

  11. the pants looks very similar to the dhoti pants we make here in India, except that the cowl in this stops about high-thigh whereas the drape goes on to till calf length in dhoti salwar! these also looks kind of jhodpuri pants with ease at ankles

    Dhoti pants are as easy to draft, i have a tutorial here in case someone is interested

  12. Those are completely fabulous on you, and definitely look like they were designed just for you! It was meant to be!
    Love and best wishes,

  13. Uh, Dixwa? No, I don't think so. Cool pants, though. Hope you have fun making them when your pattern arrives!

  14. I'm a sucker for black and white, so would have fallen for these pants if they were held together by a safety pin. They look great.