Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holiday Vogues Are Out - Thanks Vogue!

The holiday Vogue patterns came out today. Is it just me?! The poses are much more "normal" this time around! I can appreciate the lines of the garments much better.

THANKS, Vogue!

Having said that, I'm not seeing lots of patterns that I must have (so.many.dresses...) but there are a few I will add to my collection.

First up, I am very excited to see an updated version of one of my favorite Sandra Betzina patterns, Vogue 1018, which I made 5 or 6 times. (Click the image below to see the review.)

The line drawing of 1018:

You can see the similarity best when looking at the line drawing of the updated pattern, which includes a cute top. The 60 tucks have been left off the new pattern, so it will be much quicker to make.

Next, I really like the man's hat pattern, Vogue 8869:

In fact, it was raining and I wore my own funky fedora today... (Not the most flattering picture, but I was on my way to Trader Joes.)

I really like the zipper treatment and asymmetric hem of this Katherine Tilton jacket, Vogue 8863.

I love the details on this coat, Vogue 8862, which looks like high end boutique RTW. Vogue showed it sewn up in black, making it hard to see the flounce front, so I'm also showing the artist illustration in red.

If you like close-fitting, cigarette-style pants, Vogue 8859 has nice lines.

In the new wardrobe pattern, Vogue 8865, I like the red leather jacket when made in the "deconstructed" view.

This Koos coat, Vogue 1331, features an interesting design treatment. I look forward to reading about how this was accomplished, though the swing shape of the coat is not for me.

This Pamela Roland garment, Vogue 1332, is interesting. It's like a coat nestled in a pea pod, or emerging from a chrysalis.

This Guy Laroche jacket is wonderfully futuristic. (I wouldn't make it in straight-coat-jacket white, though.)

It's simple, but I like this Very Easy Vogue 8854 top with (or without) hood.

So, Vogue, how about fewer dresses and more separates with funky details... Please? :)


  1. I'm glad you took the time to point out the details as I first saw this collection as a little bland - I'll look again.

  2. Oh this is a good haul! I must start making lists- you sure can sniff out details!

  3. Love the Katherine Tilton jacket. Too bad the funky poses went away - from a fun perspective - but it did make it hard to see the lines.

  4. You picked out almost exactly the same patterns I picked! I saw lots of possibilities in this crop! And appreciated less weird poses!

  5. vogues. I've been stalking their website waiting for the new issues. I don't know which is more fun; looking at the new patterns or reading your take on them! High on the list of those likely to actually get made is the K. Tilton Jacket. I could see that getting lots of wear. Love the wacky turtle coat but probably would never make it. Ditto for the straight jacket. Not keen on the koos coat but maybe as a coat dress? Oh, to dream!
    Thanks for the fun posting on the new Vogues, Shams. Can't wait to see what you sew next!

  6. I just saw the catalog this morning.I really like the Guy Laroche jacket and I would like to make it in the straight jacket white, maybe a comment on my life lately? The pattern that I know I will be purchasing is the last little jacket you listed. Love it!! Perfect for morning walks.

  7. Hi Shams - well I just jumped over to their site and it is very entertaining to look having just read your post. I did not see one pattern I would like which is great for my pocketbook, and I thought they had a lot of separates and coats/jackets. Funny! all about point of view. Although I am with you on their fabric choices, lately they have shown SO many garments with what I feel are poor fabric selection, that don't show the details at all. (or are just plain hideous) I got a few patterns from their last release so I should be set and try to get those sewn up!

  8. Hi Shams

    Thanks for taking the time to post your comments. I also picked out alot of the same ones that seemed more interesting. Great way to start the morning.

  9. Those are totally the ones I would have picked also! Great minds and all that, huh? However the only one I might make would be the hoodie - but not in white. I don't do white. Or come to think of it, maybe with the nice collar instead of the hood...

    Did anybody notice some of the poor models look too skinny for the garments? They need to get some with shape! I do prefer the more neutral poses though I still end up looking at the line drawings. I like the way they provide them in the look-book. Obviously I'm not the only one who needs that help to appreciate the pattern.

  10. I picked 3 patterns...3 of the same ones you did. When I saw your post I added 3 more. LOL! I hadn't noticed the Pamela Roland coat, but when I read your description..."nestled in a pea pod, or emerging from a chrysalis"...I added it to my list.

  11. Dang it, Shams - now I have four more Vogue patterns I'm going to have to fight over at Joann's again.

    I think you've finally convinced me to join the online club. And maybe wear a skirt once in awhile.

  12. I like the poses better, too.
    I love the Pamela Roland coat Vogue 1332- which you aptly described as a cocoon coat and the Guy Laroche jacket. thumbs up!

  13. Love the red leather jacket, but as I have hundreds of patterns now I'll just rely on the illustrations for inspiration.

  14. Love your perspective, as usual. The Tilton jacket is cool, with the asymmetrical zipper.