Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Vogues are Released

The spring Vogue patterns hit yesterday and I hustled over to take a quick peek. The Koos dress (above) has some interesting embellishment, but the muumuu shape would not work on this figure.

I was disappointed that there were no new Marcy Tilton patterns, but moving on. (Boy, what would I do if Katherine and Marcy stopped creating patterns?!?! Perish the thought!)

I have a short shopping list, and wrote this post, thanks to some serious insomnia.

Vogue 9004
I love this top! A must-have. It reminds me, a bit, of one of my favorite Au Bonheur top patterns.
Vogue 1403
Another excellent Koos bag. This has such an unusual shape and provides a great opportunity for fabric collaging. (Though I must admit, I find myself wishing that this bag could hold a laptop, but I see that it can't due to the deep cutout for the handles.)

Vogue 8995
This spring collection has So.Many.Dresses! (As in, more separates, please!) This is one of the few I would consider making. It is similar to the McCalls studded dress that I made, but different enough to purchase.

Vogue 1396
The only other dress pattern I'd consider buying. This Donna Karan pattern intrigues me. I would make a number of changes to make it work on my body (such as narrowing the boat neck and adding sleeves), but I think it has potential.

Vogue 8991
Wow, do I love the sleeves on this Claire Schaeffer jacket! I could get a lot of wear out of a jacket like this, though I wouldn't put the pockets high up like that. With my generous bust, it would look like my boobs were having a slumber party.

Vogue 9013
I am considering this jacket/skirt pattern. Ironically, on my todo list is to draft myself a flippy-gore skirt pattern. I probably still will, as it's so easy to do. The jacket is interesting. I wish I could see it sewn up, as I wonder if the neckline might be so wide as to expose bra straps, but it has potential. I'd lengthen the jacket a bit. I probably won't buy this one right away. I wouldn't wear the jacket with the skirt, by the way - it would be too formal for my job. And, yes, I'm a bit dubious about the neckline.

Vogue 9006
This cowl neck top is another one I wish I could see made up. A cowl neck can be very tricky on a busty figure. The cowl looks best when it doesn't hang too low, placing too much fabric on the bust. And, of course, you don't want it exposing too much, but this one is drawn to suggest that it might be ok. And, look at the back of the neckline - it is constructed similar to a shawl collar where the front cowl extends to CB - this is a very promising detail. (By the way, the back of View A shows back darts into the neck extension and the neck extension is wider than what is shown on view B. I would favor the construction of view A, but made with the sleeves of View B.)
I also like the princess seaming on View A. Views B and C are cut on the bias and, I suspect, that the center panel on View A is cut on the bias. This makes for a nice drape in the cowl.
Yes, this pattern looks very promising!
I have been noticing that gathered sleeves are coming back and the long sleeved version shows this detail. I am definitely long past wearing a gathered sleeve, so I would just lengthen the short sleeved view. It's nice that there are options.

Vogue 9002
While I like the seaming of this top, I am not a fan of flutter sleeves, so I am on the fence about this one. It would have been nice if another sleeve option were provided. This is another pattern where it would be nice to see it sewn up, as I suspect I'd have to narrow the boat neck.

So, what about you? Any patterns you love that didn't make my list? (I realize that my list is skewed to my body type.)


  1. Far too many dresses for me but that woven cowl too is absolutely fantastic. I don't like the gathered sleeves either but would sew the other two versions...

    I might get the shorts pattern -- might -- just because shorts are apparently frowned upon by pattern designers. I need to add to the collection so I can have choices.

    1. True, there is a shorts pattern, but i don't wear shorts, so I didn't mention it. :)

  2. I like jacket 9011. The lapels look very narrow, which I like a lot, and the princess seam looks to end closer to the neck rather than mid shoulder. That detail looks promising.

    I do like most of your choices too. I've noticed we gravitate towards the samepatterns. From now on I'll just wait until your picks. It will save me tons of time. :)

  3. I could have written this exact post. I really like the princess seams on 9006, I see pattern mixing or colour blocking. I agree with all your choices and especially was also lamenting no new Marcy Tilton patterns, WTF? Bad Vogue. Bad bad Vogue.

  4. I agree with everything you said. Way too many dresses, although some would look good shortened into top/ tunic length. I like all the tops that you chose as you could have fun color blocking. I do believe there are some tantalizing Tilton patterns on the way!

  5. Thanks for the review. I was counting on you to weigh in on this!!
    Yesterday I saw Michelle Obama in China wearing a beautiful black and white top. Made we wonder about how I could adjust a pattern and then....there it was--V9004. How timely.

  6. The new patterns struck me as a very uninspired collection. I looked at 9004 and 9006, and the Claire S. jacket but nothing was alluring enough to put in my shopping bag this time. Lucky for me I have a good archive of patterns to work with. The pretty sun dresses are simply not me. . . Thanks Shams for your post. I hope you got some sleep!!!

  7. Way too many dresses! I like the cowl top and the asymmetrical top, although the sample isn't constructed very well. I see some possibilities in jacket 9011, the shorter version. Otherwise I'm passing.

  8. I agree that there were not enough separates shown, but I did find a very casual tunic inthere which will be perfect for me. Did anyone else see the collared wrap dress? That also has fun possibilitues.

  9. Shams, I appreciate these posts reviewing the new Vogue releases. Now when I look at the new patterns I try to guess which ones you are going to pick. I was spot on with the bag but some of the other ones threw me, particularly 9013. I thought the same thing about a few of the tops, that the drawing doesn't cut it and I need to see a sewn example. And yes, so many dresses! not just so many dresses but in the non-designer section so may repeats. I always think there are no new patterns, the elements seem to appear over and over. That said I do see one or two dresses I like, and of course that very first one with the scallops on the skirt screams me, but I think I may pass for a while, as I have absolutely no events on the calendar where I could wear it. (to me it looks like guest at a British garden wedding). And the Donna Karan, I like most of her patterns but that one was not for me. Hope you make it up, I would like to see it.

  10. Thanks for the review, Shams. I don't see one thing on their site in the way of new patterns that I will purchase. It's no wonder we all draft patterns from RTW. With the exception of the Tiltons the companies don't seem to fit my style, or that of my friends.

    1. I completely agree. A little too much "ladies who lunch" for my taste and life.

  11. Thanks for your reviews, Shams, you helped me see some possibilities I hadn't noticed before.
    9004 is elegant but too fitted for my taste. I wonder how it would look slightly looser, in a firm knit. The 2-piece sleeve is pretty; I think I'd use it for many tops.
    9006 would look great in a soft plaid, with the center section cut on the bias, and the 2-piece sleeve from 9004.
    9002 has darts and an asymmetrical hem for some versions; those features appeal to me. It would look pretty in 4-ply cream silk (as hinted in the illustration) but then, what doesn't look pretty in 4-ply cream or black silk? The illustration indicates a bit of flare from bust to hip but the technical drawing shows just straight up and down. It would benefit from some shaping at the waist. I'd be cautious about this one as design lines curving outward at the bust enlarge that bust, something definitely not flattering on some of us.

  12. I liked everything you liked, except that I didn't notice the raglan skirt/jacket combo with the foldover neckline.

    You could easily reduce the size of the cutout on the Koos bag (and perhaps lengthen the straps) to fit a laptop.

    The tops in 9004 will probably be made the soonest in my queue.

  13. There were a lot of dresses, most of which would look great on my daughter but not so great on me:) She is interested in 8996. The two I might get for myself are 8994 and 8992 (I have some stiff pink fabric that might go well with this). I am also interested in 9006, but I'd like to see it made up first.

  14. I like your choices, and those are mostly the things that stood out to my eye. 9006 would be the one I'd most likely be making, or the cowl.

  15. I agree with your choices also, any ideas on altering 9004 for more of a pear shape? I really like it and have a jacket looking for a top like that!

    1. I'm not an expert at the pear shape, belle, but it looks like you could grade out at the side seams.

  16. I never order any Vogues until I've read your review - you always pick out the little details. I've managed to select two dresses but that's about it. I always buy 3 as the postage is the same for 1 or 2, but jumps to $25 for 4 patterns! Thanks Shams

  17. Thanks for sharing. I see a few pieces that I may want to try for myself... especially 8995. That dress has tons of potential.

  18. The Koos dress!!! I went looking for that one, but no where to be found :(...
    is it now out yet? Hmm... any help would be welcomed :) thanks

  19. The Koos dress draws me in. I don't think it would flatter as a dress, but it looks so comfy. I would consider shortening it just a tad and wearing it with leggings as lounge wear around the house.
    The 9004 top is awesome. I like the asymmetric structure. Crisp and sharp, which would help me look put together on those hot humid days, but not uptight.
    Maybe a tulip sleeve instead of a flutter sleeve for 9002, or a less volumnous, above elbow sleeve, perhaps with a slit or vent? Otherwise, I like the lines of that dress very much.
    I also like the 9006 cowl. I am busty as well, I haven't worn a cowl neck since high school in the 80's. I want one like this pattern but am not confident it would work. If you do choose to make this or one like it, I'd be glad to see it.
    I'm glad I found your blog. I'm new to your blog and to sewing in general, but I think we share some of the same tastes in style.
    Happy sewing!