Friday, July 11, 2014

Minnesota Bound

I know, I know, I've been quiet! I decided I wanted to tackle a more ambitious project, but that means it takes longer for me to complete it.

Stay tuned for denim and metal.

I have a question for those of you familiar with the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

DD2 is attending university in the area and I'm taking her to college in August. While I am there, I definitely plan to check out S.R. Harris, but is there anything else I shouldn't miss in my (very limited) free time?

I might suggest that we visit the Mall of America, except that she is a rabid non-shopper and would probably prefer having a root canal.

Suggestions welcome!

And I hope to have something to show and tell very soon!

Happy weekend! My weekend features a lot of walking and a sewing get together.


  1. This whole posting as a non blogger can be tough. My daughter went to college in St Paul and I was kind of surprised by how much I really loved the area. Treadle Yard Goods on Grand Ave in St Paul was my favorite shopping experience, but there were tons of parks and museums, ethnic restaurants, great food, and general fun stuff to see and do. She stayed on for a year, and I was kind of crushed when she left. But I hope Seattle is good too!

  2. Didn't either Threads or Vogue pattern magazine recently do a fabric tour of the Minn/St.Paul area? Might be worth checking out.

  3. I haven't been able to explore the Twin Cities much. On my list for my next trip is S&R, Treadle Yard Goods, FinnStyle (for Marimekko).
    The mall is amazing for a mall. It has every mall store you can think of. The only special shop at the mall that I can recall is a wonderful bead store.
    The airport has nice shops to browse once you get through security. You can even get a massage!
    Let us know what you discover!

  4. My sis lives in St. Paul, across the street from St. Kate's.
    She (i am volunteering her) has had many S. American teachers live with her. She can show her best place to get burgers (snuffies) , best place for hair cuts, walking/biking trails, etc.

    She alsows the best shopping for fabrics. I second treadle yard goods.
    Besides finn style there is another Scandinavian shop (name?) that i liked.

  5. Treadle Yard Goods is on a cool street (Grand Ave.). Minnehaha Falls is pretty for an afternoon and has a good restaurant on site. Don't go to the Mall. It's nothing special and currently under construction.

  6. "...except that she is a rabid non-shopper and would probably prefer having a root canal.

    ah, a woman after me own heart!!! I don't even really enjoy shopping for sewing materials, if you believe that, i have to say i am very glad for online shopping. More power to DD2!

    Have a fun weekend - should be nice weather! steph

  7. Just returned from a short visit to Minneapolis. SR Harris is packed to the rafters with fabrics. No patterns, no where to sit a spell. My biggest challenge was pulling out the fabric bolt that had 30 bolts on top of it! Its best to go with projects/patterns in mind. Might want to leave DD back at the hotel- I was there 4 1/2 hours!
    Didn't make it to any other fabric stores because I didn't want to put hubby through any more! Have fun!.

  8. Treadle is awesome, great quality, the loveliest women work there. SR Harris is a huge warehouse, lots of stuff, quantity not a lot of super quality the way I see it (1/2 hour away from St P). My guys each went to different St P universities--lots for them to do in the "cities" (outside of studying--ha).

  9. I agree with what has been mentioned so far - in addition, there is the Textile Center with gallery, shop and library, all dedicated to textiles; Crafty Planet for a quilt/yarn store with more; the Minneapolis Lakes for walking around - Calhoun, Harriet, Lake of the Isles; Bead shops, little shopping neighborhoods, so much here... You can email me at sewist at live dot com, if you wish for more targeted suggestions that you and your daughter might both like.

    Oh, the History Center in St Paul is fun. And there is usually some event going on somewhere (this weekend is Dragon Boat Races on Lake Phalen, All Star Baseball events, at least one 5K race, and who knows what all else...)

    I am happy to provide more targeted suggestions depending on where you will be staying/which school, and what both of you enjoy (MOA is just a big mall - you have those in CA...)

  10. Bobbin House Studio and Guest Suite is a great place to stay. Right off of University, near the Textile Center and on the new light rail line

  11. I heard a rumor that Treadle Yard Goods was going out of business. Judging from their website and blog, I was misinformed. Whew! We already lost Waechter's Fine Fabrics in Asheville, NC, earlier this year.