Friday, October 3, 2014

A Suit for the Hip Dude

Do you remember last January, when I wrote a post called Clothes for the Hip Dude?

To recap, one of my (male) work colleagues likes to wear pants called Cordarounds, by a small company called βetabrand. He owns several pairs of these unique pants. They are made from corduroy sewn with the ribs in the horizontal direction (rather than vertical). They also use whimsical, bold prints to line the pockets and the front fly.

They are lots of fun, so I wrote a blog post about them.

Sometime later, I was amused to learn that a blog reader, Ruth of Corecouture, actually made a pair of pants inspired by my post. (I missed her post at the time but it was brought to my attention later—it's been harder for me to keep up with blogs since the new job, but I'm trying.)

Her pants look great!

Anyway, I recently learned of βetabrand's newest product idea, which is making quite a stir in the professional world.

Have you heard about The Suitsy?

The suitsy is for an adult man. It consists of pants, a shirt, and a jacket sewn together into a onesie. If they get enough votes, they will produce it.

Is this what they mean by comfort technology?

Similar to the idea brought to you by the people at PajamaJeans?


Check it out!

It actually doesn't look bad...

The suitsy has been getting press. It has been written up (with mixed reviews) by GQ Online and SF Gate.

Well, warm weather has finally come to San Francisco. It's been soooo hot and even worse when you leave the city. I've been wilting in front of a fan all evening. And I can tell you that a severe drought is not compatible with a heat wave.

And, oh yeah, my Minnesota-based daughter texted me in shock a few minutes ago.

It's snowing.

She still hasn't gotten a heavy duty coat.

Next week I am going to Seattle again (for work). I am so glad to see nice cool temps in the low 60s are predicted!

That sounds juuuuuust right!


  1. it looks kind of like a wetsuitsy! I'd like to see a demonstration of putting on a suitsy! You know who to call if you have time to do something fun in Seattle! Well, I imagine you know dozens of people to call. But let me know if you have time away from work!

  2. It's ok...she doesn't need a heavy duty coat yet. She likely wouldn't wear it one else is. Next will be Indian Summer, so she's OK. For now.

  3. OK, I tried the cord-a -rounds but the suitsy might just be a wee bit out of my sphere of good taste and wearability - but thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Replies
    1. LOL!! ROFL!!! What she said! I second the ick on the mansie onsie! LOL!!

  5. I second the ick on the onesie. Just how would you launder it too? Do you have to dry clean it after every wear?

    1. Even worse, if the guy is wearing a tie, imagine needing to pee? ;)