Thursday, December 11, 2014

Giveaway Winner and Eye Candy

The winner of the digital subscription to Selvedge Magazine is R. Trittel!

Please contact me, R, and congrats!

If you didn't win the subscription to Selvedge, here is something to inspire you. Check out some amazing eye candy—wearable art by Kay Khan!

We are experiencing some ark-building weather here in northern California—it's the "storm of a decade", which makes it a wonderful day to work from home. My cat, however, is fairly grumpy that there is no door into summer.


  1. Really beautiful, like wearing art. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Door into Summer! Thanks for the reminder! Loved Heinlein as a kid.

  3. Fabulous garments by someone I hadn't heard of. Thank you for sharing.
    I hope the rain stops soon ( if only to cheer up your cat -they can be difficult to live with when grumpy!).

  4. Wow! Is this the woman who did a DOL with Diane in Santa Barbara last year?
    How does she finish all those edges that look like quilting? Totally in awe.
    My cats just go look out the window and wish when it is like that and then go back to sleep. I enjoy a cup of tea and pet the cat. Hope the storm is over soon without too much damage.

  5. Here's hoping the downpour alleviates the California drought! Was there last week amid some very rainy weather, but the locals were so happy!

    The garments are beautiful. I went through a short phase of making "artsy" pieces. It is a lot of work, and not easy to have them look good. These are fantastic.

  6. Glorious art pieces. Thanks, Shams.
    Glad to hear you haven't floated away.

  7. Thanks so much for the Selvedge online subscription - I've never won anything before!! I can't wait to receive the magazine and drool over the contents!

  8. Wonderful wearable art. Thanks for sharing.