Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vogue 1018 - Sandra Betzina Skirt (#4)

I am calling this skirt #4, though actually, it's #3 for my wardrobe, as the last one was a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I made hers out of a black wool jersey I had special ordered, which showed off the tucks very nicely. She tells me that it hangs fine, but it does tend to pick up lint.

I decided I would also like to have one of these skirts in black, so I made myself one out of a poly knit. This one is not lined. Not sure I have much else to say about this version, other than I am planing on including it in my 2010 Swap on Stitcher's Guild. It's a nice basic. :)

I finally got started on the Au Bonheurs raincoat. I needed some specialized hardware/tools that took me awhile to round up. At this point I have the pockets, sleeves, and hood all completed, but not attached. I haven't yet cut out the front/back of the coat, because I keep dithering on the size to make, and how much to modify the shoulders, which are very wide on the pattern, but I think the sleeve should sit right at the shoulder point. Hopefully I can get that decided and cut on Sunday, though I have been sewing very slowly this weekend.

It's going to rain all next week and I would like to have the coat done, but there is a lot of fiddly work left, like the two zippers, several more grommets, and the new-fangled snaps from I bought when Sandra Betzina came to talk. (These are her favorite snaps.) I also have to keep switching the thread/bobbin colors between red and black to accommodate the reversible fabric. I hope it will all be worth it. :)


  1. I hope you have better luck with those snaps than I did. It says the prongs are long but still, my fabric/s must have been too thick. Anyway, since you are the supreme problem solver, I can hardly wait for your report. Love the skirt!

  2. I've not had any problems with the snaps so far, but the fabric isn't particularly thick. The coat is almost done, but who knows when I can get photos of it on me as my photographers are away.