Friday, June 11, 2010

Mini Britex Report

I had to go to the financial district in San Francisco today. I rarely go to the financial district, though I very often go to the nearby shopping district (Union Square). In fact, the last time I was there was several years ago when I went to the Brazilian Consulate to get a visa. But I love the financial district. It's so... alive... with all the worker bees rushing to and fro with such intense focus. I also love to observe what they are wearing, which varies from the well dressed and well coiffed women sporting gorgeous shoes, to scruffy IT types with worn jeans and overstuffed Timbuk2 bags. It's a feast for the eyes.

The company I work for has an office in that area and I had to go in for two reasons. First, to prove I am a U.S. citizen, but also to get a new photo badge. I just got a new haircut last night and, to gird myself for the photo, I decided to wear my red Teagarden T and black ponte Trios.

It didn't help. The photo was atrocious anyway. Afterwards, it was such a gorgeous day, I walked the few blocks to Britex.

I have mentioned before how Britex can make me very grumpy, mostly because of the prices. But they have been carrying a nice selection of printed knit fabrics lately. In fact, some of the fabrics are the same that are sold by Marcy Tilton and Christine Jonson, though for much higher prices. Today, though, it was nice that at least six employees recognized the fabric from my top, which I purchased from Britex, as well as the fabric from my tote, also purchased from Britex. The employees love to see their fabrics sewn up – they really know their inventory – and they were very friendly as a result.

I did end up buying one piece. A beautiful knit mesh for (gasp) $30 per yard. See, this is why I get grumpy, but I guess it's what you should expect when buying fabric from a store directly across from Neiman Marcus, two doors from the Betsy Johnson boutique, and around the corner from Dior.

I will either use the fabric to make this Marcy Tilton tunic or this Very Easy Vogue tunic. The photos for both (especially the Very Easy Vogue) are rather unflattering, but I really do like that top. I have worn the turtleneck version so much that I need to toss it. It's become very pilled and worn, but has been a great top to throw on, both at home and when I run errands.

I have mentioned that I want to make myself jackets, especially jackets that are a bit more fitted. I am working on altering this Sandra Betzina jacket with three front darts (10 darts total). I have identified that I need to add 2" to the front, distributed between the three darts, with most of the fullness in the middle dart, but I haven't quite figured out how I will do that yet. I'm hoping to get a good fit, and that this can become a TNT pattern for me.


  1. shams, I love your pattern choices (we tend to pck the same ones). I have made the SBetzina jacket 2 times, not counting all the muslins. I had a hard time fitting the back but the front really was a good fit once I got the shoulders altered. It;s a great jacket pattern and very fitted. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. I love the Marcy Tilton top and have made it twice. I'm full busted with narrow hips. The top has lovely side shaping, the soft twisted cowl is comfortable and it looks good by itself or with a vest. I was short on fabric so skipped the draped side and shortened it to low hip.

  3. I've been to Britex just once and was amazed at the location! $30 a yard seems cheap from them! *smile*

  4. Shams, OK, I know you love polka dots. Have you seen this luscious one at Elliot Berman? Not to enable, of course...

  5. Which luscious one, Patti? I searched their site, but am not sure which one you were referring to. :)