Friday, December 10, 2010

Full Metal Holidays

Huh? Where am I?

It feels like it's been years since I've done any sewing. ;) This has been a very busy week, including a holiday luncheon/team building day for work. To that event, I wore my Santa hat which is a copy of one that Penny wore in last year's Christmas episode of the Big Bang Theory. I am a geek and I like that show. :)

You can find all the details of the hat on Ravelry. Search for "Penny's Hat."

This weekend is all Nutcracker, all the time. DD1 has four performances and I will be attending two of them so I can see both of her "major" roles. It's only Friday and I'm already tired for Monday.

Off to make some fudge. Think I will get any sewing done tonight or, indeed, at all this weekend? Somehow, I will manage to sew a bit, as I have deadlines! :)


  1. Love the bifurcated hat! The cables are TOO wonderful!

  2. I loved Penny's hat when I saw it last year! I didn't think anyone else would notice, but apparently, it's all the rage! Cool!

  3. A truly fun hat. You know I did not need to knit anything else for Christmas until I saw this.

  4. I love that show too. I wish I could knit! (I did learn, once upon a time, but I can't remember anything. I need to get back into it because I keep seeing all these cool knitting projects.)

  5. The hat picture of you is *awesome*!! So much fun! I may have to track that pattern down. I've never done cables, I'm really a bit of a Scrooge most years, but that hat makes me giggle. Love it!

  6. Just saw this hat on The Big Bang Theory and I love your version of it!