Saturday, April 30, 2011

That was fun!... Another blogger meetup.

It is so much fun to meet other sewists!

Beth, of SunnyGal Studio, decided that she was lacking in blogger meet-ups, so she arranged one today at the Balenciaga exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Sewing-related culture and sewing talk?

Count me in!

I was the first to arrive at the museum, and happened to run into another meet-up group - this was a small group of spinners from Ravelry. I chatted with them while waiting for my group to show.

It was great to see some BABES that I know from previous gatherings, plus several new folks, some of whom are blogless. :) After absorbing the amazing Balenciaga garments, we had lunch and chatted extensively, the way sewers can: Burda, Patrones, KnipMode, fabric acquisition, we covered it all.

Left to right:
Jean, Beth, me, Jennifer, Sydney, Rose, Jillian, Natasha

Thanks to Beth for arranging this outing! (And thanks to the obliging Australian tourist who snapped our photo. :) )

Here is some eye candy from the exhibit.

And the museum...

The De Young

And who doesn't love a safety pin scultpure?


  1. Ooooooh can I thieve those group pics from you? Nice post; captured a delightful day perfectly. :-)

    And now I'm inspired to carve out some time & get up into the sewing room to create something. Something with a fabulous Balenciaga neckline, perhaps.....

  2. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day! Meeting other sewing bloggers really is the best!

  3. Seems it was a great meeting. I can see how it was through their charming smiles! I really like your smile, too!

  4. You are just having too much fun! and on such a beautiful day! Lucky you, getting to meet up with other passionate sewists!

  5. Thanks to Jilly Be, for posting the gathering on PR. Let's go back and look at the details and bring sketchbooks! No more flashlights, though..:(

  6. Thank you for your wonderful post and photos! It was a fun day, and such a pleasure to meet you and all of the others who were able to go out to the de Young! Inspiring!

  7. What fun!! Sounds like a wonderful day meeting likeminded ladies, and what an exhibition! Phew! Such gorgeous garments!

    I hope your family dramas have been sorted out satisfactorily, I'm thinking of you!

  8. What a great day, plus some sunshine in SF which we all enjoyed. Great to meet everyone and compare notes. As a non-sewing friend of mine recently said to me "who knew there was so much sewing chat going on the internet" Honey you have no idea, and in person the sewing chat is even better! I look forward to our next meeting.

  9. What a great write-up, Shams! and the pictures look great--we need to track down that Aussie guy to take all our blog pics! LOL! I had a wonderful time meeting Bay Area sewists face-to-face, as well as getting up close and personal with Balenciega's work (even after I was politely asked to put away my flashlight by the security guard).

    Rose in SV

  10. love the safety pin sculpture. fun times!