Saturday, April 23, 2011

Underwhelmed, McCalls

Mc 6352

The summer patterns are out and I am very underwhelmed, McCalls.

Looking at their offerings feels like internet shopping for my 18-year-old daughter. Yes, there are some dresses she would rock, and that are beautiful, like the one above, but my market segment is almost completely ignored.

The only pattern that I might consider buying is the new Palmer Pletsch fitted pant, Mc 6361, but I won't be rushing to buy a fitted pant pattern in the near future, even at a steep discount.

Mc 6361

Where are some cute jackets, McCalls, or some nice tops that would work for the older woman with some fluff?

Thank goodness I have lots of Vogues to play with. :)

I haven't sewn all week. Lots of work and some unpleasant family drama. (Is family drama ever pleasant? :) ) But I hope to get something accomplished this weekend.

Happy Sewing! :)


  1. I adore your honesty and view on life... thank you

  2. Here, here Shams My thoughts exactly... I think it must be the 40-somethings sewing these "tiny" garments for their daughters!

  3. Thank you Shams for expressing my sentiments exactly! I tried to be optimistic, especially after reading Barb's assessment, but I don't see myself running right out to buy any of those patterns. Maybe Vogue or Butterick will offer something better...

  4. I was thinking the same thing when I viewed the new patterns. None for me this time around.

  5. Shams, we picked the exact same patterns, with the same emotional reaction. sigh...Like you, I have lots of other patterns to work with.

    Hope your life smooths out a bit.

  6. I think McCalls is definitely skewed to a younger audience so I'm always surprised when I find something I do like...translated to mean there wasn't much this time and really only something for my DD.

    Hope everything is okay with the family drama...*sigh*

  7. Yes, I agree. I only liked one dress - a sheath one with a cutout in the upper chest. The rest - forget it.

  8. I know. I can't or won't wear any of this stuff, even if it came in my size. I hope the 20 somethings are learning to sew so someone will be buying patterns, because it won't be me.

    I hope the family drama resolves itself . . . *sigh*