Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blogger Meetup - Meeting BadMomGoodMom!

We match!

I had the opportunity to meet another fellow blogger! BadMomGoodMom was in town recently for a science conference, 'cause she's a scientist, and she contacted me to have lunch. (Had the both of us had more time available, some fiber-related activity would have ensued.)

BadMomGoodMom (I couldn't find her first name on her blog, so it's not here either) and I have lots in common, such as both attending Cal Berkeley and obtaining a bachelor's degree, mine in computer science, hers in math and chemistry, (though she attended a few years after me), as well as our interests in knitting, sewing (including a shared love of Issey Miyake) and (formerly, for me) quilting. Not to mention motherhood and, yes, we talked about that too. ;)

After a long lunch, we accosted a stranger in Yerba Buena Gardens to take a photo. BadMomGoodMom knitted the beautiful sweater she is wearing. We are hoping to connect on a future visit where we plan to spur the local economy a bit, and she mentioned the desire of recording a podcast.

It was so nice to have lunch and gab with someone I just met but felt like I knew for ages!

Edited to add: BadMomGoodMom just posted about our meeting! And, yes, we really did talk statistics about fitting. I'm telling you, she's smart. She has to do a SBA (Small Bust Adjustment) for her tops, but it's a good thing that our brains have a hard shell casing, 'cause otherwise she'd have to do a FBA (Full Brain Adjustment) for her hats!

On an unrelated note, I urge you not to visit Margy's blog and, most especially, not this post. Unless you are willing to accept the consequences, that is. Because of Margy, well, just look at this...

And, I'm sorry to say, there is another pair which I was wearing here:

Now, in my defense, both were purchased for half off. The boots are in the "Smog" color, but it's a mix between grey and brown and, I think, it's often called Anthracite.




  1. MOI? You're blaming MOI? I have several items, including Trippens, in my closet which are directly due to your incredible persuasive talents...;D

  2. What a fun post.... Its wonderful that you got to meet a fellow blogger! The boots though are errrr errrr okay. :)

  3. Hehehe, Margy.

    Really, Kuby? J'adore the boots. :D

  4. Blogger meetup times 2? Trippen X 2 too?

    I'll just come right out & say it. That makes me jealous X4!

    (but I'm delighted for you anyway)

  5. Well, JillyBe, when are we going to have OUR blogger meetup. Huh? Huh? :)

    (Though I did run into you at Fabrix a couple weeks ago, but I'm not counting that!)

  6. him Shams... I love meetsup..! How fun!

    This shoes are crazy..

  7. Oh wow, love those shoes... I've seen them here too, in a veeeeeeery expensive boutique. you're tempting me...
    And how fab to have another blogger meet-up!

  8. Another blogger meet-up - you lucky girl! Glad you and BMGM had a great time. I've decided it's a good thing Trippen shoes aren't made in my size. My husband would absolutely lose his mind if he saw me wearing them - at least, that particular style. How did I end up marrying such a non-creative, conservative kind of guy?! (Fortunately, he's not conservative politically, and he's good a housework!)

  9. It was a pleasure meeting you, too. I am serious. You need to get yourself over to LA.

  10. Oh, I want to, BadMomGoodMom! I need a trip to visit you and Margy, my southern California sewing pals. (Must set aside time and money for this...) :D