Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweatshirt Mash Up (Jalie, Au Bonheur, Style Arc) & General Bead

I had a small, but wide, piece of nice fleece from Fabrix in a sage green color and wanted to squeeze out a top. I also had Jalie 2911, which had a cross-over folded back collar I wanted to use. (And I love the creative version of this top that JillyBe made last winter.)

After reading reviews of the top, and looking at pictures of the finished top, I decided to transfer the collar to one of my TNT patterns. In this case, I used the pattern I recently used for a color blocked tee.

I made a new tracing of my top (sans seam allowances) and transferred the collar and shoulder from the size AA (sans seam allowances) to my pattern. I traced off the size AA collar (sans seam allowances). I eliminated seam allowances because each of these patterns uses a different amount of seam allowance (or none at all) - I then added 3/8" seam allowance to all pattern pieces.

The sleeve and armscye are from the Style Arc Adele. The body is from the Au Bonheur Asymmetric tee, though I used just one side, making it symmetric, and I lengthened and straightened the hem. (The Au Bonheur tee had already been significantly altered to fit me.)

Other than constructing the top with side slits, I made no additional alterations, though I should have added a bit more fabric at the side seams, because this fabric, while stretchy, isn't as stretchy as the ITY knit I used for the Au Bonheurs top, so this top is a bit va-va-voom on me. ;)

Make sure you align the collar properly before sewing the bottom seam - I had to re-pin several times because I kept inserting a twist.

I think the collar is ok. I don't quite like how it behaves where it folds back at the shoulder - it seems a bit wide to me. There are 5 thicknesses under the presser foot at the bottom horizontal collar seam, which is a bit unwieldy, especially in this thick fabric. Maybe this collar would work better in a lighter weight fabric.


The nice thing is that I started this top at 6pm last night (Friday). I traced it off, cut it out, and sewed it up. It's nippy in the air this morning, so this is the perfect top for this weather!

General Bead

I wanted to mention a mini outing I had after lunching with BadMomGoodMom. I decided I needed more of the fun brass balls used in this necklace:

General Bead is one of those quirky San Francisco institutions. Though, before you go, you should check out the reviews on Yelp. I've never reviewed it on Yelp, but I won't dispute the comments on the location, smell, pets, or inventory. Nevertheless, I enjoy popping in there from time to time when I need beads, particularly seed beads or the like.

There is also a second floor with plastic beads, and sequins, including vintage sequins. Unless those have sold out... I took classes from Kenneth King twenty years ago and he used to buy the vintage sequins in massive quantities, as well as beads and findings, before he moved to NYC. :)

The object of my desire. Funky brass beads.

Also, there have been additions to the Tablecloth Skirt Gallery, so check it out!


  1. The mash-up top looks great, and oh-so-cozy. What (almost) instant gratification for a change!

    I'm putting that bead store on my list for my next trip to SF...looks funky and fun!

  2. Nice frankenpatterning! You've reminded me that I MUST make up another of these tops (Jalie) - I've lived in mine SO much that it's beginning to show its age :(. I see what you mean about the collar; I like it on me in the thick material because I'll sometimes just fold it up over the back of my neck for warmth (super short haircut in winter - WHAT was I thinking???)

    Love the side slits, & I'm impressed with your pattern matching skills!

  3. BTW, if you need beads, I have ALL the Bay Area bead stores hardwired in my brain (from my beading days) Right now Cost Less Beads on University is having 50% off on everything - I must stop in & see what's gong on...hope they're not going out of business!

    & of course, Baubles & Beads on Shattuck is the beading equivalent to Stonemountain - great store!

  4. Thanks, Margy! I love your sense of adventure. :)

    Thanks, JillyBe! I didn't know you used to make jewelry! I also made jewelry some time ago, but I mostly did wire wrapping. Now I know who to ask if I'm looking for something!

  5. Love the neckline. Cosy but not stranglifying.

  6. Shams, it looks so cozy, cozy like I wish it was cold enough here to wear! Really nice mash up!

  7. Gorgeous new top, particularly that cosy collar! That bead shop looks like it could be a dangerous place for those of us trying to use up the stash; how utterly fabulous!

  8. Your pattern mash up was a real success. My frankenpatterns tend to resemble their namesake.. monster messes. It looks like the collar is drafted to sit up higher along the neck, see the pattern picture. In the thick fabric you used, it would be up around your ears. It sounds like you would like it to lay flatter over the shoulder. To do that making a couple of slashes from the outer curve of the collar pattern to the inner neck edge (in the area where it is attached to the shoulder seam of the neckline) and spreading each slash open at the outer edge just a bit. What you would be doing is adding extra fabric along the outer collar edge so it would lay flat on the shoulder.

  9. Don't you just love having the skills required to meld two or three patterns together?! I thank Creator every time I pull it off. This looks great, and I agree with Audrey about spreading the collar more to make it lay flatter. And I think your va va vooms look great in this, too!