Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Blogiversary!

Today, August 25th, 2011 is my second blogiversary! WOOT! (Details of first blogiversary.)

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I have made it to year #2 of blogging and a simultaneous return to sewing. And I still love both. First up, some statistics, 'cause it's fun:

End of Year Number of Posts Number of Followers Number of Subscribers (via Google Reader)
1 125 130 Was Google Reader in use?
2 107
(232 total)
341 482

Hmm.... fewer posts than last year. I suspect that was due to a dip in mojo (with some family/work distractions) in the late spring. Also, some of my garments this year have been more involved.

I am happy to see new followers – I truly appreciate all of you and you know I love your feedback!

Year in Summary

I scanned through my posts of the last year to see what I was up to. Good thing I can refer to that, because I don't think I'd remember much, otherwise.
  • I participated in Self-Stitched-September 2010 (wrap up here). That was a great learning experience. I then participated in Me-Made-March 2011 (wrap up here). I had to push myself to complete it. Finally, I participated in Me-Made-June 2011 (no wrap up). I petered out on the photographs and on challenging myself, though I did wear me-made every day. Until I have a motivating reason to do this again, I'll be taking a break from the me-mades. But to do it at least once is very educational and I highly recommend it.
  • I am participating in the Year of 12 Jackets and Coats (blog posts here), which ends in December. I am a bit behind schedule, with only six of the twelve completed and here we are at the end of August, but there is still time. I have several in progress, so just finishing those would get me back on track. Adding jackets to my wardrobe has filled a real need and I may do this again next year.
  • I am participating in the Autumn 6-pack on Stitcher's Guild. In the past I have not been successful at Sewing With a Plan, but it seems to be working out better this time, so maybe I have learned a thing or two. ;)
  • I figured out my "new way" to do an FBA so that it doesn't create too much volume at my hips. This has had a huge impact on the fit of my clothing. I have no dedicated post on this, but I've described the technique in several blog entries.
  • I took a fabulous fabric acquisition trip back east where I met several wonderful bloggers. In fact, this was my year of meeting bloggers both local and distant. I met Peggy, Carolyn, Noile, Rose, Georgene, Robin, Beth, Jean, JillyBe, Joan, and Ann Smith. (I apologize if I've missed anyone!) What a rewarding experience it has been to meet all of you! I hope to meet even more internet folks in the coming year.
  • Besides fabric (which we won't talk about), I also acquired a few great tools this year:
    • My Janome 725 felting machine.
    • My Reliable Digital Velocity v100 iron, which.I.LOVE.
    • A hand made pressing ham which was smaller than I expected, but has become a beloved tool.
    • Just last month I got an iPhone. I wouldn't mention it, except that I have been playing with some of the fashion/sewing apps that are available. Nothing to rave about at this point, except I do like to play Boggle. ;)
  • I found a new pattern company which I have been loving: Style Arc. Last year was my year of Au Bonheur des Petites Mains, but this has been the year of Style Arc. (Though I also made some Au Bonheur patterns this year.) This is aside from Vogue and Burda, of course. I also made my first KnipMode garment this year (which wasn't particularly successful).
  • My local ASG group leader asked me to give a talk on Sewing, Blogging, and the Internet. I gave the talk last Friday and it was a lot of fun. I doubt I created any new bloggers, but I know I inspired several folks to start using Pinterest!

What Have I Sewn?

Good question.

Well, I don't actually keep count and I don't really want to start, just as I don't want to count how many yards are in my stash. ;)

I have continued to play with techniques. Most particularly, felting:


I have made some great patterns this year. Some of my favorites (besides the aforementioned felted pieces):

The Coming Year

I have a few goals for the coming year ('cause you know I set my goals now, rather than in January when I'm too busy sewing to stop and take stock):

  • Complete the Year of 12 Jackets and Coats.
  • Make even more jackets and coats.
  • Complete the Autumn 6-pack, which I have well underway, with 3 of the 6 garments finished. (I actually plan to do more than 6.)
  • Push myself further creatively. I feel that I haven't done enough this year, except for the felting. And I do want to do more felting.
  • Continue to have fun, which means I often just follow my muse and do what I feel like. I don't like to over plan because it then starts to feel stressful. I keep very loose lists of ideas and plans. Like most sewists, I have more ideas than I could ever make.

Celebratory Giveaway

I have planned a giveaway to celebrate my second blogiversary. Look for another post with details very soon. :)


  1. What a great way to celebrate your blogiversary. I like seeing your yearly review, and your statistics are most impressive.It is a very good idea to do this now rather than December 31st!

  2. Well done! I've only recently found your blog, so the year in review is a great way to catch up on your creativity. All good stuff, but I love the brown circle coat, the blue ruffled skirt and the blue and white 3 quarter coat.

  3. Congratulations on another blogging year! How fun to look back at the fun you have had sewing. You must feel a real sense of accomplishment :-)

  4. This time of year always feels like the 'real' New Year to me! I'm so glad I found your blog this year - it's always a delight to read.

    If you're looking for creative inspiration, I'd suugest taking a look at Alabama Chanin (she has 2 books out, with a 3rd on the way). She does the most amazing things with jersey fabric...

  5. Congrats! You have accomplished so much including inspiring me to try designs that I wouldn't normally. My fave is that blue denim coat, fabulous!

  6. Congratulations on your blogiversary! You've had a great year and I'm so glad I discovered you, so from my point of view it was worth joining in MeMade Sept and June! Oh, OK I know it was called SSSept, but that is a heck of a lot of typing... :)
    You are very inspiring seamstress and have been the sole reason for a few of my own pattern purchases (to appear some time in the future ;)) so I wish you all the very best for another wonderful year of blogging and sewing!

  7. I love seeing your posts and it reminds me that even though im not a size zero there are still cool funky sewing patterns out there :)Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  8. Happy, happy blogiversary. It's your infectious spirit of creativity and enthusiasm that made me want to join the blogging bunch. I appreciate how much tiem and effort it takes to record your projects and the steps through each one so let me join in with people around the world and say thank you! Here's hoping you enjoy the group hug. And the blue denim coat still haunts my sewing dreams:-)

  9. And I am so happy you began blogging. You provide so much inspiration. Your creativity is wonderful to see! Thanks - and keep on blogging--Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I am one of those newer readers, and have enjoyed seeing the results of your creativity. Your garments are beautiful on you, both artistically and in terms of figure flattery. Your method of FBA's is a great solution, which I intend to try soon. Would you consider a dedicated post/tutorial on your method? Your year has definitely been a productive one. :)

  11. Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate reading how my blogging/sewing has affected/inspired/amused you!

    birdmommy, I have both Alabama Chanin books and a project in my head. :D

  12. Happy 2nd!! I love the way you summed up everything. I wish I could say I'd do the same, but I know myself. lol

  13. I've enjoyed following your posts for most of the two years...your jackets and coats are always particularly lovely and interesting.

  14. Happy Blog-o-versary! Nice little recap that you have shown us. Keep it coming!

  15. Happy Blogoversary!! (& many happy returns!) Your creativity, and the joy with which you share it, has been wonderfully inspirational - to me for sure, and to others, I know. Yours is one of the blogs (during this busy time of my life) that I read every post in. I look forward to much, much more :)

  16. Happy Second Blogoversary! And I love Boggle too! When I'm stuck in traffic on the bus, out comes the iPad and I get so immersed in Boggle or Scrabble tha tit seems like we flew home. Also, let me know if you find any of the sewing apps helpful, I downloaded a couple but they weren't handy to use so they are just sitting there taking up space on my iPad.

  17. Happy Blogiversary! I am not sure which project of year #2 is my favorite. Maybe the Issy coat. Or maybe the blue jacket. Oh I can't decide!! Keep up the great work!
    Robin (alittlesewing)

  18. You have made some great garments!! Happy anniversary, and cheers to a another fun year!

  19. Congratulations - I'm new to you too and I'm enjoying your blog posts and your sewing projects - very creative and stylish!

  20. congrats on a great blog, and it was wonderful to meet in person. I look forward to your new items, always so creative.

  21. Congratulations on your 2nd Blogiversary! My favorite of the Year 2 is the ABPM coat with felted dots! You're a continuos source of inspiration!

  22. Happy 'versary! So glad I came to know you in the blogisphere. Hopefully we'll meet someday in the physical sphere. You're a great inspiration to me, and I love your style!