Friday, September 18, 2009

Anthropologie Skirt -- More Thoughts

As I attempted to sleep last night, it was weighing on me, the narrowness of my ruffle. Yes, it's just not right.

So, this morning, I got up and ripped off that ruffle. As you recall, here is the first version of the skirt:

The diameter of the inner circle of the ruffle was about 2.5", or roughly the diameter of a favorite coffee cup. (I am working at a reduced scale here.) The width of the ruffle itself was about 2", I think. It is a bit smaller than a saucer.

So, I cut another ruffle, this time the outer circle has the diameter of a salad plate (yeah, I'm done with measuring and just grabbed a plate :) The inner circle was the same 2.5", only the outer circle was wider. Here is that result:

Still too small! So, this time I grabbed a dinner plate. It seemed like an overwhelmingly large ruffle for such a small scale skirt, but I think it's much closer to the desired effect. This ruffle is about 4" inches wide, but the inner diameter is still 2.5".

So, the inspiration skirt must have a very wide ruffle indeed.

Also, I think their skirt is more pegged than mine. Therefore, it would be best to start, not with a simple A-line pattern, but with a pegged A-line skirt. A pegged skirt actually tapers in at the knee. That would give an even better facsimile of the inspiration skirt.

Yup, this stuff is fun. :)