Thursday, February 16, 2012

Au Bonheur Jeans Funkiness!

I made the Au Bonheur jeans a third time. The first time, I tested the pattern in black ponte. The second time, I made a pair using stretch indigo denim.

This time I wanted to make a pair that showcased the funky aspect of this pattern. For this pair, I made the following changes:

  • The original pattern calls for contrasting fabrics for several of the pattern pieces. For the first two pair, I used the same fabric for the entire pants. For this pair, I created my own contrasting fabric using my needle felting machine (also called an embellishing machine).
  • I changed the back pockets. I started with the pocket shape from the Jalie Jeans and made a pocket design that incorporated a contrasting element and echoed the angle of the yoke.
  • I made this pair 1" longer.
  • I used white top-stitching thread.

Materials and Notions:

  • Stretch black denim from FabricMart, purchased a year ago. I don't remember the lycra content, but 5" of the fabric stretched to 7". I prewashed the denim many times.
  • White Guterman top-stitching thread (color #20).
  • Scraps of lining and double-faced cotton to finish the lower edge of the front knee gusset and the front and back pockets.
  • Frixion pens. I used these to mark the back of the denim to mark the darts, where the pocket backing would be exposed, etc. These worked GREAT! After I was done with the markings, they were easily removed with steam from the iron.


I LOVE these jeans! I have been wearing the blue pair quite a bit and they are SO comfy. And they STAY UP! I just barely managed to get them entered into the jeans contest on Pattern Review. I had to drive to my DD1's place yesterday to use her Mac and struggle with an unfamiliar environment where I didn't have my tools or my passwords. It took me two hours, but I managed to get it done.

If you are a member of Pattern Review (either free or paid), you can VOTE, if you wish.

Pictures Galore!

So happy to get my computer back, I am dancing!

Needle felting the front knee gussets. The knee gusset on the right has the darts sewn in but not yet topstitched.

Front knee gusset, completed.

Back knee gusset, completed.

All of the needle felted bits. Notice the flowering tree in my back yard? In February? It really has been a beautiful spring this winter.

Back pockets. I started with the Jalie Jeans pocket shape and then drafted my own version.

Front pocket backing. I only needle felted the part that shows.

Yes, they are United Nude shoes.

A "Mom Jeans" butt? I am not sure...

Didya Miss Me?

Cause, SHOOT, I missed you!

My Mac laptop died on Sunday evening, following a routine update. Motherboard - fried. Cable from motherboard to hard drive - fused connector. It's been in for repairs until today (Thursday).

Those lovely Apple folks covered the $600 repair, even though my Macbook is two years out of warranty... Because it happened during the update.

I love Apple service. My laptop is so much faster - I wonder if the new processor is a faster one.

Shoot, it's hard to do much on an iPhone, other than send emails. Though I did manage to navigate two teeny tiny websites and to order three pieces of fabrics, two on sale (which ended yesterday).

By Wednesday, I was starting to get pretty twitchy with no decent computer/internet access. ;)

I will be posting a review soon. I have hundreds of unread emails, yes over 600. I am behind on everything, especially WORK.

Happy Friday!