Thursday, May 1, 2014

Interview and Brief Update


Hola, amigos!

I didn't blog last weekend for a very good reason.

I was on vacation.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There is a sewing connection here, because I met up with a small group of wonderful sewers (and amazing and delightful women), most of whom I had never met in person before, for four-plus days of eating, drinking, gabbing, shopping, and even a bit of singing.

Left to right: Nancy, Liana, Patti, Ann, myself, Margy, and Jan

But more on that later. (I have been trying to decide how much to post about the event and then I have to find the time.)

Interview on Seamstress Erin

In other news, Erin, of Seamstress Erin, interviewed me and it's now live on her website.

Let me just say, I love Erin!

She and I might seem to have little in common, on the surface, but I greatly admire her. She's smart as a whip (she is finishing up a PhD in biochemistry), kind, funny, generous, and fun to be around. She is also moving away from San Francisco later this year. (Boo.)

Her creative skills run in many directions (including designing patterns!) but I notice that, lately, she has been making a lot of gorgeous bags and some beautiful jewelry. Her sartorial preferences seem to run to 70s styles. My later childhood years occurred in the 70s (which makes me feel old), especially when she showed me her collection of "vintage" patterns from the 70s, some of which I made and wore, way back when.

Erin also has a stealth project going on that I am involved in. I am pretty psyched about it, but more about that in another month or so.

So thanks, Erin, for featuring me as one of your "Sewing & Style" bloggers!

Check out the interview here.

These photos of Margy and I were taken in the La Fonda bar in Santa Fe. You might (and reasonably so), expect that we were drinking. I am forced to admit that I had nary a drink other than water.
Some people <ahem> just have no sense of dignity.