Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pattern Giveaway and Artistry in Fashion 2010

I am recuperating from another great (and hot!) Artistry in Fashion. I really enjoy this annual tradition. This year the guest speaker was Sandra Betzina. She gave a lecture and fashion show highlighting her patterns (in a nicely air conditioned theater). It's so great to see her renditions of her patterns, which are often different (and to my mind, more attractive) than the Vogue versions.

There was also a vendor area full of beautiful clothing and jewelry – it would have been sooooo easy to spend hundreds of dollars (and still save lots of money over retail) but I was restrained and bought a necklace (that can also function as a bracelet) and two gorgeous glass buttons from the glass maker herself who was very excited to tell me how she made them. I will have to come up with something special for these buttons.

Of course, it is still September, so I wore something I made. A just-completed Teagarden Tea (#6), made from a copper-colored bamboo jersey, and a Sandra Betzina skirt I made last year.

I returned home wanting to sew, but pooped from the heat. This evening, after it had cooled down a bit, I cut out Teagarden T #7, so at least I got some sewing accomplished today. :)

Pattern Giveaway

My other activity this evening was to draw names for the pattern giveaway in honor of Fred Bloebaum. Originally, I had planned to use a random number generator, but realized that wasn't possible since not everyone who commented wanted both patterns and, in some cases, didn't want a pattern at all. I wrote the names on slips of paper, put them in a colander (it was close at hand), hoisted it over my head, and drew names. I did this process separately for each pattern. I would have had one of my daughters draw the names but neither are here at the moment.

And the winners are:

  • Kathryn (aka fzxdoc) for the Daphne pant
  • Deb for the Maia jacket

Yay! Email me your addresses and I will get the patterns to each of you. It was really nice to read through the comments again and think about Fred. She would have enjoyed Artistry in Fashion today.