Sunday, June 29, 2014

Channeling Ernestine (The Britex Event)

The Britex event was yesterday and it was so much fun! The wonderful Jillian took some photos. When I looked at them later, I was surprised at how "expressive" (i.e. weird) my face was. I was positively channeling Ernestine (aka Lily Tomlin), the Switchboard Operator.

I brought several items to show and talked about closures. (It was a 20-minute-ish talk, so I focused on one favorite sewing aspect.)

I was so impressed that folks came from a long way to be there! I met a great couple from Santa Rosa (Yo, Karen & Joey!), and a woman from Sacramento, but Pam (FreshCityFarm) wins the Intrepid Trekker Award, as she drove all the way from Los Angeles (8-ish hours) to attend!

It was an extra special surprise when Sandra Betzina showed up. (I had told her that I was speaking at the event when attending her Power Sewing filming last week.)

And I always love seeing my fellow bloggers like Jillian, Beth, Stephanie, Laura, and Erin, and meeting new ones, like Nicole! (The bison is eager to meet for lunch, Nicole!)

Thanks to Britex for inviting me, and thanks to everyone who came! I hope you found it a worthwhile activity on Pride Weekend, with the crazy traffic and all the Union Square construction that was going on!

(And, hey, have you see the new Jalie how-to videos on Youtube? If you have issues about sewing with knits (or want to make cloth diapers), check them out!)

Edited to add:

Britex has posted a very nice Recap Post.

And they've posted some pics on Pinterest. (The bottom pic here shows Sandra Betzina, in profile, wearing a gorgeous brocade version of her Vogue 1385 blouse-made-as-a-jacket.)