Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Miscellany


New Tilton Craftsy Class

Have you heard?

Katherine and Marcy Tilton have released a new class on Craftsy, The Artful T-Shirt!

Marcy and Katherine posted about it yesterday on Facebook and provided a link where you can get $25 off. I hopped like a bunny to Craftsy and bought the class. I started watching it after work and, thanks to a night of insomnia, I saw the entire class before the next morning!

Obviously, I wasn't sewing along. ;)

This is a great follow-up class to their last class, The Ultimate T. Covered topics include how to mix fabrics, how to sew different kinds of knits, which are easier to sew and which are more challenging. They spend a lot of time on various necklines - raw edge, selvedge edge, twisted, cowl, and twisted cowl. They cover how to draft a split cuff.

That's not a complete list of everything covered in the class, but it's a taste. I had learned the twisted neckline from Marcy when she was teaching at Design Outside the Lines three years ago, so it's nice that this technique has been caught on video for those who never had that opportunity.

The class also comes with one of Marcy's Vogue patterns, so the discounted price for the class and the pattern is quite reasonable.

I highly recommend!

Button Pattern Weights

I saw these cute ceramic buttons on Instagram, so I tracked them down at Style Maker Fabrics. While they are being sold as pattern weights, I wonder if they might originally have been created as coasters. They have rubber discs on the bottom to protect surfaces, though the button holes would allow condensation to drip through...

But who cares? They are brilliant as pattern weights!

Oscar de la Renta Exhibit

I want to make sure that the word gets out.

The de Young Museum in San Francisco is having a retrospective exhibit of Oscar de la Renta from March 12th to May 30th of this year. If you are planning a visit to San Francisco, make sure you don't miss it!

I finished sewing the faux fur, but haven't had a chance to take photos. We'll see if I can get that done this weekend—if the weather cooperates. We've been having loads of rain and it's been SO NICE. I love my Minoru jacket, but I've been wearing other coats, too. Today I wore my "wormy" poncho crocheted by Ping Wu. My New York cape was perfect topper over that.

Bring on the rain!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!