Monday, March 22, 2010

Sewing Retreat 2010

View from the living room, aka "Sewing Central".

Moving in. Sewing stations not yet staged.

Who doesn't enjoy an intense session of sewing? But add in friends with the same passion, a beautiful coastal setting, with verdant hills, aged barns and fences, and scads of picturesque bovines, piles of delicious food, and hours of companionable sewing, sewing talk and laughter. Yup, Shams is a lucky girl.

For this retreat, I pre-cut five garments:
  • Pajama bottoms using Louise Cutting's One Seam pants pattern
  • A Sewing Workshop Now top
  • A Sewing Workshop Liberty top
  • A pair of Marcy Tilton pants
  • A pair of Sewing Workshop Hudson pants
I managed to get all of them finished, but, as my camera battery died, the only photo I have is of me wearing the pjs, after sleeping in them all night.

One Seam Pant PJs, a bit rumpled after sleeping in them.

Over the next few days I hope to get photos and post reviews of some of these patterns. I am particularly loving the Liberty top, the Now shirt, and the Marcy Tilton pants. With daylight savings time, I hope it will be easier to get photos in the evenings.