Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Musings

Hey gang!

I've received a few emails from folks who were wondering what is up with my silence. It's nothing bad, just low productivity. Partly because of work. Or maybe I am so busy running on the elliptical that I have less energy for sewing.

In a couple weeks I am going on my annual sewing retreat, so I have been preparing some projects for that.

I do need some new clothes. Many of my current clothes are too big (I have now lost 8" in the bust) and I'm starting to feel frumpy in my clothing. But I hate altering. Today the outfit I wore included a top that was too large, so I maneuvered the fullness around to the back and tucked it into my skirt. I didn't take my sweater off. Desperate times... ;)

Did you see that Katherine Tilton has two new patterns in the Butterick offerings that came out last week? I especially like the top, Butterick 5881:

And though I am not often drawn to dresses, I think her dress pattern (5891) has some interesting possibilities:

Katherine has more to say about both patterns on her blog.

Have you been watching the Oscars? I enjoy the spectacle of the awards season. I had high hopes for Seth MacFarlane as host but have found him to be a bit cringe-worthy. Oh well, there is still much clothing to enjoy as well as the live singing. My favorite gown was a Versace worn by Halle Berry. I love the use of stripes!

I see some serious shoulder pads!

I hope you have a great week!