Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Badass on the Outside, Party on the Inside - Style Arc Ziggi Moto

It's finished!

Actually, I finished the jacket, after a marathon of sewing, on Sunday around 1:30pm. I was planning to wear it to an event Sunday evening, but then I put it on and I'd sewn the sleeve linings in (by hand) so that they were twisted.

Oh well! I finished fixing the sleeve linings last night.

This is a beautifully drafted pattern.

I did have to make numerous alterations, as this was the first time I purchased a Style Arc for my upper body since losing weight. I ordered a size 10, based on my high bust, and it was too small through the bust (expected), large through the hips (expected), and narrow through the back (not expected). I had to do quite a few alterations in quite a few places, including the seams through the upper back, the collar, the front princess seams. I narrowed the shoulder by about 1" (typical), but I did not shorten the sleeves (atypical). I had to slightly widen the upper sleeve (typical). Next time I might order a size 12 - it depends on the garment.

I especially like the back peplum.

I quilted the shoulder yokes and the upper sleeves. It's extra work, but the effect is really nice. (Though the effect is muted against the textured fabric.)

I lined it with a wild print.

The resulting jackets fits and is comfy. I like it!

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