Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Thanks to everyone for your comments on my polka dot jacket and tote bag. I really lucked out when I found that fabric at the discount fabric store. That place can be really hit and miss, but I have gotten some real treasures there.

A couple nights ago I completed my second tote bag. This one is for me me ME. I made this one a bit shorter and I used a different contrasting fabric on the bottom – it is a cotton flannel twill remnant from Britex and it's very soft, but sturdy. I also added a cell phone pocket on the inside. And that, is THAT, as far as tote bag sewing goes, for awhile. :)

I have a couple Christmas gifts in process that I can't post yet.

Meanwhile, have you heard of the Selfish Seamstress? Her fashion sense is completely unlike mine, but I enjoy her sense of humor very much. She often writes funny sewing Haikus. Who can't relate to this?

I hemmed for you once
And now you keep coming back
Like an infection.

If you want a laugh, check out her blog. Her work is impeccable, even though she is fairly new to sewing. She attributes her skills to a wonderful teacher in the Chicago area whom I would check out if he was anywhere near me.