Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sewing Wardrobe Staples

This is a first for me.

I made four garments in one day.

Really really simple garments, but still.

Using a striped, tribal printed knit, I made a pair of Style Arc Laura leggings. (I love that pattern, which has no side seams, making it much easier to match stripes.)

I also made a simple tube skirt from the same fabric. I do like wearing short skirts over tights or leggings. (I didn't use a pattern for this - it's just a rectangle with an elastic waist.)

For two months now I've wanted to make myself a short black sheath dress with 3/4 length sleeves - sort of like a long t-shirt. I had a nice black wool ponte that I wanted to use. But this sort of sewing is so.boring. that I kept procrastinating.

I had to force myself to get it done. While I was at it, I cut out another simple tube skirt from the black ponte.

For the dress, I traced the upper body (neckline and armscye) from the Style Arc Adele top. I removed the a-line shaping and lengthened it to a short dress length.

Easy peasy.

As boring as this sort of sewing is, I will get lots of wear out of these garments.

Jillian came to visit me at work last week. She was my first Google guest! Thanks for a fun lunch, JillyBe, and for the pics!

A Conference Bike. (It's hard to see, but I'm wearing my new plaid wrap skirt.)

Heading back to my office

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