Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Holiday Gift Idea

In early November, I blogged about those cool measuring tools by SA Curve Ruler. My friend Sue decided to order two sets of these tools - one for herself and one for another sewer. She bought this set and then she added another great gift, a neck lamp.

She found this lamp at Costco (in the office supply section), but it's also fairly inexpensive on Amazon: Twist-A-Lite Handsfree Flexible Neck Reading Book LED Light. She kindly gifted me with an extra one she had and it is so perfect. It will also be great if the power goes out and one has to use the bathroom. ;) My clever friend Heather puts one on her dog's neck when he had to go out in the dark.

Well, let me say that this entire gift was very popular! Much admired and coveted.

Here's another thought for you. I do a lot of hand sewing. A lot. I am fairly finicky about my needles. Margy asked me the other day what kind I use, and I thought maybe others might be interested. I like my needles to be slim and sharp, but not too short or too long. I like the eyes to be on the long side, but not fat.

What can I say, size matters.

I think that some people who hate hand sewing have maybe never used a good needle.

Maybe. ;)

I use a needle for a long time. It often develops a bit of a curve, but I like the personality.

Anyway, I really like John James needles, which are made in England. Those English tailors require good tools.

Here are some on Amazon: John James Professional Needle Collection-100/Pkg.

I am sure that Clover needles are also good (I love Clover pins and other tools) but I haven't used those. Are there any other needle brands you can recommend?