Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ball Necklaces (or ... Where Did You Get Those Balls?)

This weekend I needed a gift for a holiday party featuring the "Greedy Gift Grab" game. After much pondering, I decided to create a necklace inspired by a RTW necklace made of resin beads. I ordered the beads and waxed linen cord.

One day, weeks later, I wandered into my local bead store with a Groupon coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I came upon some very funky brass beads and fell in love. These beads came in two colors and different patinas and were all mixed together in a bin. Resembling small-ish Christmas ornaments, I decided to use these to make a necklace for myself - I know the funkiness of these beads isn't for everyone. For this necklace, I used an inexpensive cotton cord that is quite thick, to anchor the beads in place.

I decided to wear the brass necklace to the event, along with my Style Arc Shaza pant, Style Arc Debra Zebra top, and a purchased jacket.

And what did I receive in the gift exchange? A gorgeous set of eight napkins! These napkins are impeccably made and beautifully mitered - 32 miters total. I do not have that sort of patience! Along with the napkins, I received a tube of hand cream and a bottle of Grannie's Spot Remover.

And that concludes all holiday parties for me this season!