Saturday, October 13, 2012

Too quiet at Chez Shams...

It feels like ages since I've sewn or blogged. I have been busy at work - I'm already behind on deadlines for Sept 2013... how is that possible? It's going to be a very intense year at work. I have written a blog post or two in my head - I know, not helpful.

I've also been suffering from mojo blockage. I think it's due to a variety of reasons. But what I have been doing:

  • Watched my new stenciling DVD from Diane Ericson.
  • I needed 1/2" foam for stenciling, so early one morning, I headed to Cushion Works in the Mission district of San Francisco. I bought a sheet of foam and several widths of cotton cording.
    I love places like this, that work with pros, but also sell supplies to regular people. If a business opens at 8am on a weekday, I know they are serious and I'm a happy camper.
    Two guys cut my cording. They also make custom cushions and can school you about different kinds and qualities of foam. Check out their blog.
  • During a night of extreme insomnia, I set up a stenciling and silk screening station on my kitchen table. I've been playing - creating samples and filling up my design board. No pics yet. I plan to keep playing until I'm ready to embellish some larger pieces. It might take awhile.
  • I've been stroking my stash and playing with my scraps. I have several pieces thrown on my dressform in the top pic.
  • I've made some pocket samples, inspired by one that Diane showed us at DOL. I hope to use it on my current project.

And, finally, I settled on a project. I have it largely cut out and have started sewing. (I almost emailed some friends, "I've sewn a seam!!!", but I resisted.) I'm not sure if I can finish it by tomorrow, but hopefully I can find the energy during weekday evenings.

Forgiven, though it took awhile. This rascal never wants to lie on me, but he often lies nearby and reaches out to lightly touch me.
I'm not sure which one of us is the bigger curmudgeon.
It's me. Probably.

DD2 contacted me last week. She needed a baby picture immediately.
She was already late - this may not make it into the yearbook. I didn't have time to pull boxes from the garage and dig through them, so I took a picture of this photo, which is framed and hangs on the wall.
They are heart meltingly cute at this age, partly so you will still love them when they become teenagers.
It's just nature's funny little way.