Sunday, November 18, 2012

Style Arc Cassie Pants

When I saw the Cassie Pant on Style Arc's website, I knew it was time for another order, and pronto. I love the unusual styling of this slim pant. The interesting knee pieces reminded me of my favorite Au Bonheur pants pattern that I've made three times.

I added a bit to the side seam at the waistline, swapped out my own waistband, and otherwise sewed these up out of the envelope in my usual size 10. I used a fabric I found locally – a heathered charcoal grey stretch woven. I think it's a wool/poly/lycra blend; it's machine washable and looks and behaves like wool. A really nice fabric. Once the pants were finished, I shortened them 1-1/2", which is also pretty typical for me. I love the consistency of Style Arc's fit.

A Margy-inspired-Shams-inspired Pose.

I love these pants! The fit is soooo comfy. However, I found it hard to get a good picture of them. They don't look brown in person, but I do think there is brown in there and the camera picked it up in the hangar shots. I took a series of pictures, uploaded them, changed the rest of the outfit and tried again.

Hey, I just noticed an error in the illustration. The seam above the knee piece angles up towards the inner leg. It's drawn correctly in the diagram on the right, but incorrectly in both illustrations on the left.
We had some torrential rain yesterday. (I love fall weather!) This easement, just around the corner from my house and where I went to take the hangar photos, suffered storm damage from the fallen branch of a huge pine tree. I was still able to use the fence for my photos but the alley will be closed to through traffic until this is removed.