Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April Fool's Day!

Thanks SO much for all of your feedback on my linen shirt jacket! I do think it will get lots of wear.

Before I published that post, I searched all of my usual websites to see if anyone was selling cross-dyed linen. I checked Marcy, Britex, Emma One Sock, Gorgeous Fabrics, Mood, etc, but I could not find any. Then Mila emailed me telling me that Marcy does have some on her New Arrivals page. I was wondering how I missed it, then I realized that I had looked under "Linen Collection" on Marcy's site and they weren't there! But there are some pieces listed in "Newest Arrivals" and I expect she will be adding them to "Linen Collection." Thanks, Mila!

Check it out!

Google really gets into the spirit of April Fool's Day. Lots of fun stuff is listed here. But my favorite is Backwards Google. Check it out!

Backwards search!

Backwards weather!

Also, Stickers have now been added to Google Hangouts. (If you aren't familiar with Google Hangouts, it's a texting app, similar to Messages on an iPhone or iPad.) I've posted some of the stickers above, but there are lots more. And, you can draw on them! Hours of mindless entertainment. ;)