Sunday, August 24, 2014

Striped Crinkle Tablecloth Skirt

I made another Tablecloth skirt! (Click the link for free instructions on how to make your own!)

I recently acquired 2 yards of a lovely, boldly striped, crinkled cotton from Smuggler's Daughter, called Paris Stripes - La Bastille. (Click the pic to see the listing on their site.)

I wanted to use a pattern that would make the most of the lovely yardage. An added bonus - this skirt is a very quick sew! I hemmed it by hand, so as not to stretch out the pleats.

I tweaked the dimensions from my previous versions to use the 2 yards - my previous versions were longer and used more yardage. The four hem panels are 13"x41", and the center square is 41"x41". I quite like this length!

I think I may take this to Minnesota! (I haven't checked the weather there lately. I hope it is not too hot and humid. Shams may melt!

Twirling. You can really see the tablecloth shape!

Not twirling, just windy!

Thanks for your lovely comments on the Butterfly top. I had a lot of fun with that challenge!

By the way, no need to be concerned about me regarding last night's 6.1 earthquake! It did get my attention and woke me up at 3:20am. It was more of a rolling earthquake (not a sharp jolt) and it lasted for seconds, but there was zero damage here. Napa (about an hour away) took the brunt of it. I checked with my former in-laws this morning - they have a business there. They have some superficial damage that will require about a day to clean up, but nothing structural, and no one was injured, thank goodness.