Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shams Sewing Tips Video #2 - Making Fabric Beads

Choker-length necklace worn doubled as a bracelet.

You asked for it!

Several weeks ago I posted a video on how to turn tubes of fabric with a bobby pin.

I was using the tubes to make fabric beads and using those beads to make jewelry.

Closeup of beads

Finished necklaces

You asked for a video on how to make the beads, so here you go!

Just in case it wasn't clear in the video, here are the tools and supplies that I used:

  1. Ruler
  2. Lighter
  3. Wire cutters
  4. Pliers - round nose and curved
    (though I mostly use the curved)
  5. Super glue
  6. Scissors (not shown)

Fabric tubes made from 1" wide strips approximately 18" long.

Wearing my necklace as a bracelet

Thanks, Sarah!
(Sarah is wearing Butterick 5891, view B, sans collar. I should have taken a wide-angle pic as you can't see the cute polka dot panels at the bottom.)