Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scuba Knit

Hola! Last Sunday I finished the garment using the fabric from Britex. I expect this to be posted soon.

Meanwhile, I am having a lot of fun sewing up some scuba knit. I have been seeing a lot of scuba knit in high-end ready to wear.

But what is scuba knit?

Scuba is a double-knit fabric. Some people compare it to ponte, which is also a double-knit, but these fabrics have different qualities. Scuba knit is generally polyester and lycra, where ponte is often a blend of rayon, nylon, poly, and lycra. (Though I have seen poly/lycra ponte fabric, but my favorite generally contains rayon and nylon.)

Scuba knit is created with a very fine gauge, smooth thread and the resulting surface is generally smoother than a ponte. It also has a "sproingy" quality, similar to what you see in a neoprene ("wet suiting") fabric, but it's thinner and more malleable than traditional neoprene. It has a lot of body, and doesn't hang the way a ponte does.

Scuba, being a polyester fabric, takes dye very well and comes in beautiful prints and vivid colors. I have two pieces from Emma One Sock, but I have also seen some beautiful scuba knits on the Britex web site.

Like ponte, scuba is a dream to sew. I have seen very high end garments made from scuba knit that left the edges raw, on a hem, for example. It is also a good candidate for finishing with a binding.

Have you made any projects with scuba or seen any interesting garments made from scuba?