Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sandra Betzina Skirt - Vogue 1333

I made this skirt over Thanksgiving weekend, last November. I didn't blog it at the time, because I wanted to make another one using a different sort of fabric.

But I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I haven't sewn this week. Work was busy to begin with, and then we went into crisis mode and kicked into high gear. I worked Friday evening and pretty much all weekend.

So maybe it's a lucky thing I didn't blog this skirt before, so I have something to post.

This is a great pattern, and I am not sure why people aren't falling over themselves to make it. It's an updated version of a previous Betzina skirt pattern that I also loved (and made 5 or 6 times), Vogue 1018. This updated version has eliminated the 60 tucks, making it easier to sew. It has also replaced the waistband/zipper combo with an elastic waistband, which I also did on my versions of 1018.

I chose this wild graphic print from FabricMart, purchased more than a year ago. (More stash busting, yay!) But the fabric is, frankly, weird. It feels like a home dec fabric, with a strange coating on the back. I am not sure how much I like it in this design, which is why I considered making it again in a different fabric. The pattern calls for a knit, but this is a woven. I think this pattern works fine for wovens, if you have the right woven. (I used both knits and wovens when making this pattern's predecessor, Vogue 1018. Both work fine.)

You might be wondering: what the heck are you wearing with that skirt, Shams? I am wearing a Japanese jacket that I purchased used. Margy calls it my Porcupine Suit.

I took a walk this afternoon, after hours and hours of working. It was a sunny afternoon, so I enjoyed taking cell phone pics of the porcupine fabric. I especially love the shadows it creates.

Also, thanks so much for your feedback on my "Epic Fail" jacket. I really appreciate all of your supportive comments and suggestions. For now the jacket is going into a closet, but I may revisit it later, if the mood moves me.