Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Two Rogue Shoppers in Paris!

In front of the Saint Sulpice fountain
Photo credit: Margy

It's been a long time coming! I decided to come to Paris with the Tiltons almost exactly one year ago. Margy decided to join me, and here we are, at last!

We haven't yet met up with the Tiltons—the official trip starts in a few days. Margy and I have been having fun bumbling around Paris on our own, visiting shops we've long heard about, finding new shops, learning the Paris subway system, and adjusting both geographically and with the time change. (Europe changed to standard time a full week before the U.S. and, of course, Margy only arrived in this time zone a few days ago.)

Navigating the subway system

Waiting for the subway



Sorry if I sound a bit like a broken record, but you know that we love Trippens!

One of our first stops in Paris was the Trippens store. It was fun to compare it to the Munich Trippens store! (For the record, the Munich store had a wall of red shoes, but seemed smaller than the Paris store. They do carry slightly different stock, but both have the wonderful tiled floors.)

Margy and I each found a pair of Trippens to add to our collections. Margy will show hers when she blogs, but I found these "Judy Jetson" boots!

This is the first pair I've had with this particular sole

Trying on my new "Judy Jetson" boots

Is it my imagination, or does Margy have that you-caught-me-indulging-in-a-guilty-pleasure expression as she pays for her Trippens? ;)

Leaving the Trippens store with a jaunty step, new shoes in hand

OH! I almost forgot! Rumor has it that the Trippen folk are considering opening a Trippen store in San Francisco!!!

Groom Store

For many years Marcy has sold Groom bags on her website and, in fact, she made a video in 2011 of her visit to the Groom store in Paris:

So, of course, Margy and I had to visit!

I found a beautiful blue purse

I caught Margy perusing some gloves through the window

Clingancourt Flea Market

Neither Margy nor I are big flea market aficionados, but one hears that flea markets are a "thing to do" in Paris, so we decided to head to one of the biggest, Porte de Clignancourt Les Puces Flea Market, aka Clingancourt. It's outside of Paris proper, but you can ride the #4 subway line to the end and it drops you very close to the market. All the guidebooks tell you to watch out for pickpockets, but we went early and saw/heard no problems. As we left, it was getting quite crowded and that's probably when you need to be more careful.

It was interesting to check out the market. I found a necklace made of sterling silver and Daum glass that was very unique. Margy didn't find anything but it was fun to look and take some photos.

My eyes immediately fell upon this gorgeous neck piece. Sterling silver, for a mere 2700 Euros, it is documented in a book that the seller showed us. This museum piece is from China, before it was China. It was extremely heavy so it's really more of a display piece.

Photo credit: Eva, who sold me my Daum glass necklace

Places des Vosges

The Places des Vosges is an historic square in the Marais. Around the square, under beautiful tiled arched walkways, are art galleries (with amazing art, but I didn't feel comfortable taking pics), restaurants, and shops. The very center features a beautiful park with a fountain, a statue of Louis XIII, and a playground.

Me and Louis XIII. He has better hair than I do.

Window Licking

I think it's fairly well documented that what we call window shopping the French call lèche-vitrine, or window licking.

Pretty apt.

Here are some of the window displays that inspired me. Some didn't photograph well, but c'est la vie.

The biggest story I noticed is the knitwear! The wonderful wonderful knitwear, often distressed. In fact, I purchased a distressed-looking sweater in the Marais.

Don't ask me where these photos were taken, because I have no idea. I just clicked and kept moving!

I just loved the styling of this outfit with that fabulous polka dot scarf!

I'd just make the lower tier as a skirt


The men's stores in Paris have some of the best scarves! This one is embroidered to mimic a bandana!

I am seeing lots of grommets and lacing here, as well as in San Francisco

I'd wear this knitted dress in a heartbeat!

A Shibori scarf "flower"

Street Wear

I didn't take too many photos of street wear, though I saw some interesting clothing. I'm also including some pics of Margy and myself. Well... we were also on the street. ;)

I didn't see Munich-folk wearing dirndls, but I sure see Parisiennes wearing berets! This was on the subway.

I wish I'd gotten a photo as she walked onto the subway! This coat featured a high red waistband and the wonderful contrast stitching.

My first purchase in Paris—an écharpe (scarf)
Photo credit: Margy

At the Cafe Strada
Photo credit: Margy

Also at the Cafe Strada

In the Marais

Looking forward to a long day of shopping at the Marais
Photo credit: Margy

Just look at the amazing mix of colors! What would you call that pink? A "vibrant orchid"?

Seen on the subway. Photo credit: Margy

I'm covering my earrings while trying on this great necklace. No, I didn't buy it.
Photo credit: Anca, a very friendly sales woman

This is cheating a bit, but I really wanted to share this! My colleague, Kathy, visited Italy just before the Dart Summit. She was walking in Florence where she saw this coat. She knew that I'd like it, so she snapped a quick pic. Fabulous!


I don't take a lot of food shots (Margy took more than I did), but here are a few, along with a pic or two of a cafe.

How do they do it? How? How do they make a simple green bean salad with shallots taste so amazing?! Photo credit: Margy

I ordered the vegetable soup off the daily special menu, and I was assured that it was vegetarian—no fish or meat in the stock. I expected a thin broth with vegetables, but this, this was SO RICH AND CREAMY and not a visible vegetable in sight. Totally delicious, but I'm sure it had cream, butter, AND cheese. I would never call this a vegetable soup, but it's good to know for the future! The croutons on top were also amazing, no doubt fried in oil and perfectly seasoned. Photo credit: Margy

A chocolate Jack-o-Lantern.
Halloween is pretty low key in Paris, but I did see Halloween themed items for sale, especially at Marks and Spencers Food shop and at the many chocolate shops I've seen.

From the same store with the chocolate Jack-o-Lantern

A very large chocolate orangutan from another chocolate store just a few doors away. The French like their chocolate.

Look at Cafe Strada! So French!

We had lunch here and split some chocolate cake, which we did not finish! (Feeling highly virtuous.)

Salads at La Carotte in the Places des Vosges.


Just a few other pics!

Heading down to the bathroom in a cafe in the Marais

Yes, "I am conscious" in the cafe's bathroom! ;)

The Saint Jacques Church Tower, near the Marais

By the way, I learned that November 1st is a big holiday in France! Many shops are closed on All Saints Day, much to our chagrin!

Last night when Margy went to sleep, I was blogging. When she woke up, I was blogging. She quipped that she fully expects me to blog on my deathbed, if possible...

Well, YEAH!!!

More later!