Sunday, March 9, 2014

An Ikat-ish Jacket - Vogue 1385

When I went to Puyallup last week, I loved the Sandra Betzina jacket worn Carolyne Cafaro, one of the Vogue executives. The jacket isn't shown on the pattern envelope (it's a blouse pattern), but Sandra made this version as a jacket. She left off the button closure and used a home-dec weight fabric.

So I made one for me!

This fabric is printed to look like an oversized ikat, but it reverses to solid black. It's a crisp fabric, which is perfect to hold the pleating at the neckline and at the bottom of the sleeves.

Given that the jacket has no closures and is unlined, it's a fairly quick sew!

I really love how the collar stands at the neckline. There are 8 tucks sewn around the sides/front of the neckline, but they aren't sewn all the way to the edge. This allows them to "fan out" and fill in the neckline. Lovely.

There are also three tucks sewn into each sleeve.

My only alterations were to add a patch pocket and bust darts. The length of my jacket is exactly the length of the longer view. That reminds me, I also omitted the fisheye darts.


I plan to wear this to work tomorrow. I received such a nice unsolicitation at work recently.

I was wearing my asymmetric blue sweater, but I was distracted because my eldest daughter was in the ER that morning. She was alone in a town near her university, and they kept her for awhile running tests. I was walking to the mini-kitchen, staring at my cell phone and willing it to give me an update, when a colleague walking in the same direction said, "I love your outfit! You dress on the outside how I feel on the inside! Where do you shop?"

My daughter is fine, by the way.

I have added to my Puyallup Inspiration post. I have created a list of blog posts (or similar pages) that relate to Puyallup 2014. If you know of any other information that I have missed, please let me know!

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