Saturday, October 5, 2013

Next Challenge

Thanks so much for your votes in challenge #3! I have made it to the fourth round in the FabricMart Fabricista Fashion Challenge!

I was sorry to say goodbye to Peggy in round 3. I spoke to Peggy by phone after she learned the news, and she has a great attitude about the experience, though she was already on her third muslin for the LBD when she got the news. She is excited to start up her fall and winter knitting, which she wasn't able to do while competing. I have really enjoyed sewing alongside Peggy and thought she went out on a really high note. Her garments, and especially her coat, were wonderful and completely true to who she is.

On to the next challenge, which is a good one. Here are the rules:

For this challenge, be creative and make a little black dress for your perfect night out.

Create a story for us. Are you going out with your husband on a romantic date or a fun night out with the girls? Where will you be going? What will you be doing? Your dress should be able to tell your story.

You will be judged on creativity, craftsmanship, how the dress tells your story, and fit.

Believe it or not, I have never owned a Little Black Dress!

I still don't.

I got a late start on this one and I haven't even cut it out yet. (I did muslin a pattern that I won't be using, however.)

Maybe my "story" is that I'm going skinny dipping!

Don't expect a post from me on Sunday, and maybe not even Monday, this week.

Wish me luck!

And, because I don't like to leave you empty handed, enjoy this eye candy that I found on Pinterest! (Oh, Pinterest, how do I love thee?)