Monday, February 17, 2014

DKNY Inspired Plaid Wrap Skirt

I was gifted this fabric more than a year ago. I was attending a local sewing group gathering and we were swapping fabrics - a very boisterous activity. I was hanging back (I have so much fabric already!) when Georgene very sweetly tossed a piece of fabric my way.

It was a piece of red plaid and I loved it. I'm not sure what the fiber is, and I haven't burned it, but it feels like part rayon, part poly, and maybe some lightweight wool. It washes beautifully and has a lovely drape.

I saw it as a skirt, but I wanted to find just the right pattern. I spent a lot of time looking at patterns, current and out of print, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I wanted a narrow, short skirt with a front drape. There are many patterns like this, especially from the 80s but, in the end, I did my own thing.

This skirt is very simple, which is why I have a post so quickly after my last post. :)

It is basically a rectangle, fringed on two ends, with a partially elasticized waist - I used 1-1/2" wide elastic, and it closes with a hook and eye.

Very simple.

I'll be wearing this over tights and leggings, so I'm not concerned about "over exposure", and I don't think that is likely to be a problem anyway, as the overlap of the wrap is quite generous.

I love wearing short skirts to work, so I will be whipping up a few more of them, in solids and prints, and in a variety of styles.

I am wearing this with a jacket, McCalls 6294, that I made a couple years ago and a hand dyed silk scarf that was my only purchase last August at the ACC Craft Fair.

Have a great week!