Sunday, September 29, 2013

Artistry in Fashion 2013

Photo courtesy of Marcy Tilton.

As you know, I attended Artistry in Fashion (AIF) for a couple hours yesterday. Yes, it was too short, but it was better than nothing!

Thanks to my friends, who stayed longer than I did, saw more than I did, and took photos, I wanted to make a little report for those who couldn't be there, but were curious to know more.

There were vendors. Many many vendors! My friend Sue had her excellent booth where she sold her beautiful handmade hats, eco dyed scarves, and felted soaps. I saw a number of hat boxes leaving her booth.

Photo courtesy of Sue Krimmer.

With my limited time, I didn't check out too many vendors, but my friend Dorothy K enticed me into a jewelry booth called AJ's Ear Drops. This artist makes the most beautiful, feather weight, earrings and bracelets. Dorothy bought some jewelry made from plastic bottles that looked like fine Japanese silver. I bought a pair of earrings made from a photograph. The earrings were cleverly attached to a cardboard coffee sleeve (which can be re-used!) and finished with a sticker showing the original photograph used to make the earrings. (You would never guess unless you saw the original picture.)

My earrings were made from a photograph of vegetables. How perfect!

Of course my favorite part of AIF is the people! It's great to see sewing friends again, and to meet new ones. This year, Marcy Tilton came with her friend Martine, fresh off a fabric shopping trip in Las Vegas. I also met Jane Foster, who runs what sounds like a first-rate sewing school in Walnut Creek, Jane Foster Design. Jane, a lovely transplant from England, came with a posse of her loyal students. Photos were taken.

With Jane Foster and Marcy Tilton. Photo courtesy of Marcy Tilton.

With Jane Foster. (And just look at that gorgeous hand painted silk top that Jane is wearing!) Photo courtesy of Marcy Tilton.

Ronda Chaney and Mary Lou Lange. Photo courtesy of Arna S.

Ronda Chaney, the head of the fashion department at Cañada College, is the force behind Artistry in Fashion. (I took tailoring from Ronda back in the 80s. I still use many techniques today that I learned from Ronda and, in fact, she helped me fit my wedding gown and she attended my wedding!) Mary Lou Lange, a longtime friend and instructor at Cañada. (When it comes to sewing machines and sergers, Mary Lou is my first point of contact. She also taught the Wearable Art class I took many years ago and was the first one to start me down that seductive path.)

With Dorothy K and Rita R. Photo courtesy of Dorothy K.

Sandra Ericson, of the Center for Pattern Design, was the guest speaker this year at AIF. Dorothy and Rita are both wearing dresses from Sandra's line. Dorothy is wearing the new Four Square Dress made from a green silk noile. Dorothy told me that when she muslined the dress that she realized that the sleeve was far too tight. There is a gusset under the arm, which she modified to fix the problem. She extended the underarm gusset down through the sleeve, so it had a shape similar to a man's tie (upside down). Before yesterday's lecture, Sandra Ericson admired Dorothy's alteration and commented that she might amend the pattern to suggest that approach. Way to go, Dorothy! (Dorothy said she will be posting a review about this pattern on Pattern Review in the next few days. She has received loads of compliments on her version.)

Rita is wearing the Pyramid Dress, which is also from Sandra's line and is based on Julian Roberts' system of subtraction cutting. Though the pattern calls for woven fabrics, Rita used a mesh knit and it worked very well.

Arna S. Photo courtesy of Dorothy K.

Arna, another highly creative sewist that I know, is wearing a fun, summery version of a Katherine Tilton top. It was perfect for the beautiful (81 degrees) day.

A couple more pics of the day:

Vendor D'arcy Fowkes from Altered Couture. Photo courtesy of Arna S.

After her lecture and fashion show, Sandra Ericson gave a draping demonstration in the large classroom in the fashion department (where they were also holding an Open House). Here she is draping a silk velvet. Photo courtesy of Dorothy K.

The conclusion of the Designer Showcase in the outdoor amphitheater. Photo courtesy of Dorothy K.